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Dating a foreigner continued

Dating a foreigner. A good idea or not? Some of the benefits were covered in our last post yesterday. It a nutshell, Eastern European girls are beautiful, very beautiful, stunning, need I go on! You owe it to yourself to at least experience one. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, but I warn you, once you have sampled you may never want to go back. They generally know how to look after their bodies and sure know what to do with them. Eastern European women respect their fathers and often seek to find a man like their father. This means they are generally seeking an older man, so this is … Continue reading


Dating a foreigner

Dating a foreigner. A good idea or not? It all depends on you. We all know just how beautiful many of those foreign girls are, how perfect their skin is, how easily they tan, and just how blonde their hair is, but what are the pitfalls if any? Remember a relationship relies not just on beauty and sexual attraction after the initial honeymoon period no matter how great the sex is. Whilst the language barrier may not be a problem initially to dating a foreigner it can lead to problems and misunderstandings fairly quickly. Now no common language is needed initially if there is mutual attraction. The ‘language of love’ … Continue reading


Speed dating- what not to do.

So yesterday we discussed what speed dating was and how it worked. Today we will concentrate on how to make speed dating work for you. Just to refresh, remember as always, just like with your first date, to shower shave, wash and comb your hair, brush your teeth, use deodorant, clean your shoes if necessary and use mouth-wash. Also cut your nails. Woman notice these especially. We males don’t until we break one or they start to hurt or you only notice them because of grime, grease or oil from the car. Cut them now and short. For those who are older then also trim the nose and ear hair. … Continue reading

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Speed Dating- Is it for me?

What’s up with speed dating. There seems to be an ever increasing number of ads in the local papers these days for speed dating. What is it all about? Speed dating- The reason Someone makes money out of these events, but that’s fine as its usually very cheap or even free. If its a bar then its usually free as they know damn well you are going to buy a drink or two when you attend. Multiply that by 20-30 and it helps the bars turnover on a slow night. If it is a private individual organizing and charging $20 each then that is $400 for a few hours and … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

No dating advice today. Just wishing everyone a Merry Xmas from the nz dating team.

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