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Ukrainian Brides

I am getting a lot of questions at the moment with the unrest and threat of civil war in Ukraine and the violent demonstrations and deaths in Kiev. Watch live feed of demonstrations in Kiev here Should you be worried about traveling to the Ukraine to find your perfect Ukrainian bride? My advice- keep corresponding with your potential bride but perhaps postpone your travel arrangements until the unrest has subsided. Avoid Kiev meantime as this is where the protests are centered. Sure there were peaceful protests in some of the other larger cities a month or so back, but these were just peaceful gatherings outside of  their government building in those … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Dating Mistakes Men Make And How To Avoid Them

1.Letting her organise the first date. You choose the place time and day of the date. You might think it is nice to let her choose, but rather than her seeing you as being nice you will come across as a whimp. Women whether they like to admit it or not want the guy to be in control. Don’t tell her what you are doing either. Women love surprises. 2. Not doing your homework. Check her out, using Facebook, her friends, or even through subtle conversation with her. You don’t want to take her to your favorite steakhouse if she is a vegan. If you do muck up. Its OK. … Continue reading

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Are Ukrainian Women still looking to get out at any cost?

I am often asked if Ukrainian women are still looking to get out of Ukraine at any cost. Despite what you may read on the internet and information from mail order bride, Ukrainian brides, and Russian brides websites that beautiful girls and women are queuing up to get out of their country at any cost, the standard of living and the lifestyle is not so bad there at all nowadays. It is not like it used to be with them queuing 2 hours just for a loaf of bread after working all day. With the invention of the internet and them being able to earn US dollars or Euro they … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Bride Bus Tours

So you have been looking into this. Is it a scam or not. Just Google it and there are such a range of opinions. Of course most people only post when they have a bad experience. How many of us take the time to write when we have a good one? Also many men don’t like it to be known that they bought a bride. Sure some don’t mind and love the attention and will even go on TV to be interviewed on their experience. And why not for some? You too might want to show off your new stunning trophy wife to the world. There is no doubt about … Continue reading

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