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Ideas for the first date

Ok, so you have finally got the the courage to actually talk to a girl. You then summoned up even more courage to actually ask her out or get her phone number and she has said yes, or you are about to ask and hope she says yes. But where, what and how? Don’t take her to the movies on the first date. It seems an easy choice and is what guys used to do 40 years ago. Not a good choice. Think about it- you are both sitting in the dark not talking and almost completely ignoring each other for 90 minutes with someone you hardly know. Awkward. Also … Continue reading

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Where is the best place to pick up women?

I’m often asked what is the best place to pickup women.  There is no best place.  There are however many best places. And by that I mean just about anywhere: the grocery store, the supermarket, on the train or the bus, waiting in line at MacDonalds, in fact just about everywhere. Even church if you are that way inclined, but perhaps not until after the sermon.  Picking up women and is not just limited to bars and nightclubs.  You can pick up women anywhere. You just need to look around you and there are pretty women everywhere. You have little or no competetion either like you will in a ‘normal’ … Continue reading

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How to Flirt

Choose Your Target You don’t need to have a crush on someone to flirt with them. Practice flirting with random people you see every day in everyday situations to improve your skills. This way, you’ll have some flirting experience when you approach the person you want to flirt with. The supermarket, waiting in line at Starbucks, it doesn’t matter where. Have an Opening Line You need a reason to talk. If you’re in a classroom situation, just go up to them with a question about a class, an assignment or any excuse to start a coversation. If they’re behind you at a gig, ask about the band. Use your imagination. … Continue reading

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How to spot a scam profile on a dating site

How do I spot a scam profile on a dating site? Of course there is no one hundred percent way to be sure that a profile is not for real, but there are certainly some red flags that will build a picture very quickly of profiles to be avoided and ignored. Below are some of them. If the profile has more than one of these red flags then you can be pretty sure it is fake (and arguably just one of these, but typically scammers and fraudsters will have more than one). This is written about female profiles but of course there are also many and in fact an increasing … Continue reading

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How to Succeed with Women

How to Succeed with Women In a word, confidence. It really does not matter what you look like to be successful with the ladies. When I say this I mean it does not matter whether you are handsome, tall, short, good looking, downright ugly, or whatever. In fact it can be a distinct advantage not to be too good looking. Women don’t like to have to compete so it can be quite an advantage to not be good looking. Don’t believe me then just take a look around at how many ugly guys there are with beautiful women…and no not all of them are rich!  Sure there are always exceptions … Continue reading

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