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Ukraine Brides

Well things are sure kicking off again in Ukraine. Just when we all thought there might be a ceasefire again, MH17 was brought down and at the time of writing it is still unclear how. One thing we know from the wreckage is that it was fired upon and brought down either from some sort of ground to air or air to air missile. While our hearts go out to all those touched by this tragedy, life must go on for the rest of us. Should you still visit Ukraine to find your beautiful new wife? Once again our advice would be if you can postpone your trip without losing … Continue reading

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6 tips to remember when you’re dating

6 tips to remember when you’re dating. 1. Don’t act needy. It makes the other person feel extremely irritated, it’s okay if you do it in small amounts as they are more willing to care, but if you are constantly needy it will scare him off and he will become overwhelmed by your problems. Make sure to give him his space and respect that he will have other friends that he is close with. Even if you are a clingy person, don’t become too dependant on him too quickly as he may not feel the same early in the relationship and can leave at any time. 2. Don’t act negatively. … Continue reading

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