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Dangers of Tinder

Young Woman dies in Surfers Paradise after meeting a man just hours before from Tinder. After a week a man is arrested after the woman fell from his 14th floor apartment balcony, leaving the scene before police arrived and pleading the 5th. Seems this guy recorded audio of her last moments on his phone. Will be interesting to see where this case goes in the next few months but does bring up some concerns with using such an app. Did she fall or was she pushed? Firstly the minimum age to use this app is only 13. Already some mothers have made their young daughters delete their profile and remove … Continue reading

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Can’t get a girlfriend?

So you can’t get a girlfriend. All your mates seem to have one or have had many, but you just have no luck with the ladies. You are not alone. Sure it would be easier if you were better looking but just take a look out there with some complete ugly douches with a hot chick hanging on their arm. Well you can’t do much about your looks other than what we have covered already in previous posts. To summarize those quickly you need to smarten up your appearance and clothes. Get a haircut, buy one pair of decent shoes and some nice jeans and one shirt. Won’t cost you … Continue reading

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