6 tips to remember when you’re dating

6 tips to remember when you’re dating.

1. Don’t act needy. It makes the other person feel extremely irritated, it’s okay if you do it in small amounts as they are more willing to care, but if you are constantly needy it will scare him off and he will become overwhelmed by your problems. Make sure to give him his space and respect that he will have other friends that he is close with. Even if you are a clingy person, don’t become too dependant on him too quickly as he may not feel the same early in the relationship and can leave at any time.

2. Don’t act negatively. Don’t criticise others while you’re on a date or constantly complain about that one friend of yours that annoys you every day. Definitely don’t act negatively towards him, he will resent you for it and won’t hang around. If you feel the need to rant about everything bad in the world, wait until you’re with a good friend who appreciates your negativeness. Being negative makes you seem annoying and he will not like it, it will make him think that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you as he will not want to be with someone who is constantly negative.

3. Remember one simple thing; you are not deciding whether he likes you, you’re deciding whether you like him. Don’t spend all your time fretting about whether or not he likes you, spend your time deciding whether you like him and if you actually want to spend more time with him, you have to make sure you are happy in the relationship and that you actually want a relationship with him, if you don’t see yourself having a future with him then it may be time to let him down gently.

4. Let him pursue you. Guys like to be in control in the relationship and even though you may want to call him and arrange a time when you can see him next, wait for him to call you. Let him decide when you will see each other. Don’t make him think that you don’t want to see him again, but keep him wondering how much you really liked I’m until you’re completely comfortable in knowing that he is into you.

5. Have fun. Don’t stress too much about every little detail, have fun on the dates and enjoy yourself, even if it does work out you can still have fun trying. Remember that if this relationship does work out, you want to know that you can have fun with the guy. If you’re having fun when you’re with him, then he will realise that you’re a fun person and he’ll want to spend more time with you.

6. Be yourself. It’s always important to be completely yourself when you’re meeting a new person; you don’t have to lie through your teeth to make him like you because he will find out. Make sure that he likes you for you and everything you are, otherwise it’s not a relationship you want yo be in

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  1. Kaedn says:

    Some of these dating tips are good. What about some more please

  2. Bernoming says:

    A few of these tips are good. Dating in never an exact science tho

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