9 Golden Online Dating Tips for Seniors

9 Golden Online Dating Tips for Seniors

I’m Old Enough to Date Online

You are a senior and want to have fun with online dating. And you want to feel safe while dating online. Let me help you to have fun and feel safe online with these 9 golden tips.

When meeting new people online don’t give away your private email address. Use services like Hotmail and Yahoo to create a new email account and use this account for your first encounters. When you are sure that the contact you’ve made is genuine and sincere and you feel comfortable about it you can give them your private email.

Don’t give away information about your home address. Just specify in which state you live or, when not in the US, which part of the country. There is always a chance that you meet people online who are interested in your home address for the wrong reasons. If they insist to know specific information about where you live think twice and end the contact. Only when you have a good feeling about a new friend, after several online meetings, you should give more information like the city or town that you live in.

If you want to use pictures in your profile or want to send pictures to a new friend you must use current ones. Don’t be afraid to be honest about your age.

Your profile on a dating site is like an advertisement. Not that you are selling yourself but you do want to attract people who are interested in who you are and what you like. So take your time building your profile. Be informative about your hobbies and your interests.

State clearly what you are looking for. Are you looking for a friend to share a hobby? Do you want a travelling companion? Or are you hoping to find a new friend to start a serious relationship.

There are people online and active on dating sites who ask a lot of questions but don’t reveal anything specific about them themselves. Beware of these contacts. Getting to know each other better online is only possible if both parties share an equal amount of personal information. Make notes about your new contacts and verify them for inconsistencies. It’s a waste of time to continue a contact with someone who is not honest in his or her answers.

When meeting someone online, using either email or a chat room, there will come a time that you or the other party wants to lift the contact to a higher level. Usually the first ‘real world’ contact is by phone. Use a cell phone for this. Be aware of the fact that a home phone number that is listed can be traced with the help of online directories to your home address.

It has been said before. Be careful with your personal information. Be extremely careful with your personal financial information. Stop the contact at once when someone wants to know about your finances.

Meeting your new contact for the first time needs some preparation. Most important is to meet in a public place. Tell a friend about your first meeting and where you are going. Call this friend when you arrive and call this friend again when you leave. Finally call again when you have arrived home safely.

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