Building up Your Self Confidence

Following on from last weeks post. You need to work on your self confidence if you are going to be successful with women.

Now not over confident. Most woman will be turned off by a man who is too self confidence and coming across as arrogant. You just need to project the air of confidence. A woman is not going to be interested in someone who can’t even be happy with themselves. If they can’t look after themselves, how on earth would they look after me? Remember that women, whether they realise it or not, are subconsciously looking for a man to protect and take care of them. Evolution has changed that from meaning strong and muscular to meaning is able to provide for her in today’s age. To provide financially and to care for her. The threat of being dragged away by a neighbouring tribe is no longer a everyday threat to most women nowadays. They are more concerned with a sense of security, comfort and just to feel safe and protected.

To give them this confidence you need to project an air of confidence. We have already covered in other posts how to feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, you automatically start to project this. Simple things, just taking a little more care in your appearance, buying a new smart looking shirt and cleaning those dirty shoes. Take a little pride and you will soon notice a spring in your step and from there the snowball affect starts…. The better you feel about yourself, means you will feel even better about yourself. You will soon be unstoppable.

Remember just because you have failed in the past to attract the woman of your dreams does not mean you will always fail. “The past does not equal the future” is a favourite quote of mine. I don’t know who said it originally but is one of Anthony Robbins sayings. However another quote “doing the same thing and expecting different results is just stupid” also applies. You need to change it up if you want better results than you have had previously. But remember from the first quote, it doesn’t matter how many times you have crashed and burned, been rejected, been embarrassed, gone home alone, just because this has happened in the past does not mean it has to happen from now on. The past does not equal the future. Remember that. Say it to yourself and repeat it over and over and repeat it when you start getting negative thoughts again that you are once again going to fail.

Now make that decision to feel better about yourself, do something about it and go out there and get that woman of your dreams.

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