Can’t get a girlfriend?

So you can’t get a girlfriend. All your mates seem to have one or have had many, but you just have no luck with the ladies. You are not alone.

Sure it would be easier if you were better looking but just take a look out there with some complete ugly douches with a hot chick hanging on their arm. Well you can’t do much about your looks other than what we have covered already in previous posts. To summarize those quickly you need to smarten up your appearance and clothes. Get a haircut, buy one pair of decent shoes and some nice jeans and one shirt. Won’t cost you a fortune. Oh and maybe try some deodorant…maybe that is the only reason you have lucked out so far. If you can smell yourself, trust me, others have been able to long before. Anyway looks are not necessary to pull the birds. There are even some arguments that it’s easier if you are not good looking! Yeah really! The jury is out on this one and I tend to disagree. It is easier if you are good looking but not being so doesn’t rule you out at all from scoring a great looking date. Don’t worry about things you can’t change.

If you are not finding anyone who wants to go out with you, you need to change your game as obviously this is not working. Do you come across too keen, too needy, too aggressive, too shy? All these traits will put most women off. You need to appear confident but not arrogant. Women love someone who can make them laugh. This trait will win over almost all others. Watch how your successful mate does it. We all have one of those in our group of friends. Watch and see how he does it. Now don’t just copy, but observe and see the types of things he does and says. Maybe you can incorporate some of those things too?

There are many books and tips you can find on the internet. You don’t need to buy anything, just do a search and get some tips. Many sites will give you a few free tips before trying to sell you their book or video or course or whatever it is they are pushing with their wild claims. Some of the information will work for you. Much of what they say will seem quite obvious to you, but something you will not have thought about before probably. It’s not rocket science. You should find yourself agreeing with some points. Why would someone be interested in someone who is negative all the time. Are you drawn to these people? Are they fun to be around? Of course not. So why would a woman be interested in going out with you if you are negative and always running others down. Put yourself in their shoes. While woman are vastly different from us and have different values and needs, many are the same for everyone. Would you want to go out with you? If not then you need to change the way you are, and not just acting differently, you need to change your habits and change who you are. It’s not easy but it can be done. Spend some time on yourself and improve who you are. Just work on one small thing at a time. Be the type of person you would want to be with and someone else will too.

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  1. super says:

    someone please help me get a girlfriend…Dating is not working out for me!

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