What to Be Careful of when Dating Women

What to Be Careful of when Dating Women

There are some women that are not ‘date’ friendly, it used to be a puzzle to me back in the day why so many women I knew ended growing up single and alone but reasons began to surface as I looked deeper.

It wouldn’t be down to one reason but a few, a lot of women carry around some excess emotional baggage, beware of the woman on the first date that spends the whole evening talking about her ex or even worse the places they used to visit, if she takes out the photo album I would suggest making a quick exit.

If most of the evening she is answering her phone it’s a sign to warn you that she loves all the chat and gossip that she can’t bare to live without and she ain’t going to give up that in a hurry to bond with you.

She’s forever spending a lot of time with her friends, I don’t see this as possessive thinking, what would be the point of being in a relationship if we hardly had a chance to get together, it wouldn’t be a relationship to take serious. When the conversations are constantly about money, material goods and what you are worth more than how sincere you are is definitley a strong warning that she wants to be financially secure by whatever method or means it would take. If she’s looking for expectations from you with her past don’t bother to entertain her, after all she’s dating you not her ex, you can never be like him just as much as he can never be like you. Finally, if she’s always going to judge, doubt or disrespect you because of how she was treated in the past it wouldn’t be fair and a lot of women carry these issues from relationship to relationship, after awhile it would get boring and tedious, life can be stressful enough without all this in a relationship which in all cases you should be enjoying not suffering.

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