The Convenience of Online Dating

The Convenience of Online Dating

The internet has enabled love to spread around the globe with just a click. It started off with a free chatting room such as IRC, ICQ, MSN and so on. People from different places can gather in a virtual room to make new friends, exchanging ideas, while most young adults join in the chat to look for love. Because of its huge popularity as a place to find new love, online chatting services have come up with the idea of online dating. Instantly, dating sites started to mushroom, with some of the sites have more than 3million members. Also, try to google “online dating” and you’ll get over 40 million results that shows the magnitude of its popularity. With so many stories akin to fairy tales, online dating has been receiving huge publicity in the press.

Most households now have at least a computer with internet connection. As a result, it has revolutionized the way people date. Working professionals nowadays have turned to online dating sites because they can have the flexibility to manage their love life in spite of their busy working schedule.

Online dating sites have also given hope to the disabled people to find their dream partner. Long ago, the disabled does not have as many opportunities to find love because of the physical constraints. In view of the physical difficulties, developers have come up with a novel idea of helping the less fortunate, which is known as disabled dating. It has improved the standard of living among the disabled by allowing them to widen their social circles. Disabled dating services enable people that could not walk to find love on the other side of the globe. The internet has also made disabled dating more colourful by enabling them to communicate through the webcam, with expressions that can never be done through the keyboard.

When humans are in love, they can be blinded in so many ways. One example is the “Nigerian scam” where people has been duped into giving advance fee to an African country using wire transfer, and is also known as “sweetheart scam” because of the extraordinary patience in which a con artist has shown to trick their mark1. Another creative way of scamming is known as the “mail order bride”, which scammers offer a selection of brides through pictures and then promised to deliver the bride within a short period of time after all payments have been made. Another problem with online dating is its popularity among sexual predators committing sex crimes against young girls, which they met online.

Internet dating sites should have the responsibility to protect their members. This can be done in a few ways. If the dating sites have an in-built Instant Messaging, the members should have the ability to turn the feature on or off. All dating sites should block anyone that they deem necessary. Besides that, there should be a policy, which governs users who only ask for sex through messages. Moderating public chat rooms also prevents online dating sites from being inundated with users asking for cyber sex. And equally important, improve matching techniques that emphasizes on relationship principles.

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