Dating: 5 Real Turn-Offs Men Do that Women Hate

Dating: 5 Real Turn-Offs Men Do that Women Hate

I really believe that most men do honestly try to be charming when they’re dating, but unfortunately what they think is cool may be a real turn-off to most women. Let’s take a look at some of the real turn-offs men do when they’re dating, that I have heard many a woman complain about.

Trying Too Hard-

Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re out with a used car salesman that’s desperate to collect his commission. Yes, women want men to try when their dating, but when they try too hard then they come off looking and sounding like a phony. Most women like real, down to earth men that aren’t perfect. A woman honestly does get suspicious of what’s going on when they are falling all over us just to please us. It’s almost like they’re trying to make a sale, but the problem is she’s not interested in the product. Yes, men who overdo it are a real turn-off.

Doesn’t Talk-

I know you think most women like to talk a man’s ear off, however, when you can’t get them to respond and you have to carry the whole conversation, it gets a little boring as well as tedious. No woman likes to feel she is playing dentist when she goes out on a date. The worst kind of guy to get stuck with is one that you feel like getting any information out of him is like pulling teeth. It looks good in the movies, the strong silent type, but let’s remember, that’s only a two-hour movie than it’s over. Yes, it’s definitely a big turn-off when men don’t know how to carry on an interesting conversation

He’s The Center of Attention-

I don’t which is worse the man that spends the whole evening talking about himself, or the one that doesn’t talk at all. Well, at least the one that doesn’t talk cares about what you have to say! This narcissistic man is totally obnoxious. he spends the whole time telling you how wonderful he is. He also expects all your questions to be about him. He really doesn’t care to get to know you, as long as you’re getting to know him. When dating a conversation should be balanced and both individuals should be sharing information with each other, and gladly getting to know one another. Well, don’t hold your breath waiting for this one to give one thought to who you are or what you care about. The good part is you didn’t waste your time opening up to someone who could care less about who you are. I’m turned-off just thinking about him.

Mr. Preoccupation-

Why you went on the date is a puzzle to me. This type of man is so preoccupied with answering his cell phone, texting, talking to friends he runs into, and any other activity you can think of, he doesn’t even know you’re there. You would have had more attention from your dog if you would have stayed home. Funny part of it is he really doesn’t recognize he’s doing anything wrong, or inappropriate. It’s just the way he is. It’s a real turn-off to feel like you’re totally invisible to your date.

Mr. Octopus-

This is probably the biggest turn-off of all for most women. By the time your date is over with this man you’ll swear he had at least eight hands going at once. He just doesn’t get the hint. He can’t say a word to you without touching you somewhere. Everything out of his mouth is sexually suggestive. You’ll swear he took too much Viagra before picking you up for the date. His mind starts out in the gutter and stays there all night long. Quite frankly for myself, with this type of man I would never finish the date. Most women like to be treated like a lady, and feel that their date is interested in them, above the neck. This type of man turns women off in every sense of the word.

There you have them, five turn-offs that men really need to know about if they want to keep dating. If any of you men are having problems getting a second date perhaps you should check out my list. Sometimes, you are the last to know!

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