Dating a foreigner

Dating a foreigner. A good idea or not? It all depends on you. We all know just how beautiful many of those foreign girls are, how perfect their skin is, how easily they tan, and just how blonde their hair is, but what are the pitfalls if any? Remember a relationship relies not just on beauty and sexual attraction after the initial honeymoon period no matter how great the sex is.

Whilst the language barrier may not be a problem initially to dating a foreigner it can lead to problems and misunderstandings fairly quickly. Now no common language is needed initially if there is mutual attraction. The ‘language of love’ as they call it means you can both have a wonderful time without being able to communicate with anything but the language of love. But it will soon become evident that this is not enough.

Many foreigners learn English as a second language from early school so at least have a smattering of English but of course this is not true for all countries. If she is traveling to your English speaking country then chances are she will at least have a grasp on the language unless she is with a tour group or a friend or two who can speak it fairly well. However as it is not their native language many misunderstandings will occur so you need to be very mindful of this. Something you say may be taken completely the wrong way and you wonder why she has suddenly become so distant or visibly annoyed for no apparent reason.

If you have a smart phone then there are many apps which will help in translation and have many key phrases to help you out. They are typically designed for you traveling in another country to ask directions, order food etc but of course they can be used the other way around to translate what you want to tell this hot tourist whatever you want in her language. It will even speak it for you in her native language. Some will even translate whatever you write or even say into the microphone and speak it back to them in their language. This is brilliant, but of course like any purely word based translator it will never be perfect and even tho the algorithms are powerful and it looks at word context and popular phrases etc, sometimes it is going to produce just pure nonsense. Be aware to that these translators require access to the internet to work. Others are just dictionary based and good to translate just a word either way, and many others have key phrases categorized under broad headings like directions, food, numbers and many have useful categories to say very useful phrases to pick up a woman. Check out the app store. You may find having a few on your phone will help cover all bases.

Apart from the language barrier there will be  cultural differences. This typically won’t be a problem during the honeymoon phase but will become more and more of a problem as the relationship develops. Germans and Eastern European girls can come across as quite rude and demanding, but this is just a feature often of the language difference, but you will often find that they are more open and say what they mean. They are generally not shy about sex either and will talk openly about what they want quite directly. Just be aware that what they say often will come across a little more forceful than it was intended. She is not ordering you to do something, its just the way they say it in their language.  Some of their customs will see strange to us yet perfectly normal for them. You should be aware of some of these things. There are many websites which you can Google and find out a bit more about their country and customs. Not only will this help you understand her better but she will be impressed on your knowledge of her country and or city. This will certainly help you score some brownie points early on and you can  appear more intelligent than you really are which is always helpful. It will certainly be helpful if you have traveled to her country previously and know something of it but of course not necessary at all. Remember, she, like us, will be proud of her country and heritage.

So use Google to find out more about her country and customs to help you with dating a foreigner and later with a relationship. It will help you understand the differences and at the very least impress her that you have taken the trouble to find out.

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