Dating Again in Your 40’s

Dating Again in Your 40’s

In college years there were guys and gals of the same age everywhere. The dating pool seemed endless. At this time of life most people were in the same situation going to school, working, socializing and participating in various activities. Oh life seemed so good, but over time we all experience new changes in our life and has different life experiences. I learned that reentering the dating pool again in my early 40s was quite different than those college years.

The first thing I noticed when reentering the dating pool is that your possible pool of dates is much smaller. Instead of dating opportunities being everywhere I found out that you really have to seek out opportunities. I am sure that some individuals have gotten lucky and had their friends or families set them up with a successful date, but the probability of this happening is not so great.

The second thing I noticed about the data pools that I was finding was that I had a hard time meeting people around my age. It seems like I meet people quite younger then me and quite older, but not too many people of similar age. The woman that I have been meeting that are younger than me still want to have their own kids while the women I meet who are older than me are talking about their grandkids. I don’t know quite where I fit in. I am too old, but yet too young!!!

Another thing that I notice when I do meet people to date is that everyone has had their own life experiences and brings these experiences, either good or bad to the dating relationship. When we are in college, we are pretty much all in same boat as far as life experiences go. The majority of people at this age haven’t been married, don’t have kids etc. When you start dating someone in your 40’s, you learn that people bring these experiences into their new relationships.

Where are the people in their 40’s to date? I have a feeling that you will find most of them involved in their children’s activities. Some individuals don’t even want to date until their kids are out of school. They are living busy lives and having hectic schedules. Who has time to date?

The good news is that I have noticed that the dating pool seems to pickup for people in their late 40’s to early 50’s. Potential dating partners aren’t involved as much in their children’s lives and have more time to date. Also, there seems to be more social functions for singles in this age category.

Dating is different in your early 40’s, but keep trying and remember that there is always hope for your 50’s.

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