Dating on a Budget with the Environment on Your Mind

Five Tips for Eco-Friendly Dating

Dating on a Budget with the Environment on Your Mind

Whether you are going on your first date or going out with your darling husband, these 5 eco-friendly dating ideas will have your date thinking romantic and positive thoughts about you. We can’t help you out if there’s no chemistry, but at least with these ideas you’ll have a great chance of making a wonderful impression.

First tip for an eco-friendly date: Go for a walk in the park. There are several eco-friendly activities you can take part in. Do either of you have a dog? Take your pet out for a stroll with your date. If it’s important to you that the person you are dating enjoys animals, this is the perfect time to find out! Don’t have a pet you can take for a walk? Does the park have a lake or pond with ducks? Bring some bread and feed the natives! If you can’t find a dog to walk or a duck to feed don’t worry, an eco-friendly picnic will be enough. Make sure to pick up afterwards. As a bonus, some cities even offer movies in the park throughout the year. Look in your local community newsletter or parks and recreation department in your city to find out.

Second tip for an eco-friendly date: Try rollerblading or biking to a destination. You can show off your skills or get some hands on teaching tips from your date. This can be very sweet. As a bonus, you’ll be burning off calories and having fun. If biking, try not to bike for too long because you’ll miss out on some valuable getting to know each other time. I find talking and biking a little hard, but that’s just me.

Third tip for an eco-friendly date: Take in a local farmer’s market. Go online and find out what’s happening in your community. To save on paper, email the directions to your cell phone. Take a walk there if possible. If not, check out the mass transit. Take a bus or train. While at the farmer’s market, pick up some items to make dinner together with and eat by candlelight.

Fourth tip for an eco-friendly date: Volunteer together. You can help plant trees and flowers or pick up trash. If that’s not your thing, help out serving hot meals in a soup kitchen or visiting a retirement community or even your local library. There are so many places in your community that would love to have you volunteer. Even if you only do it as a one-time thing, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Fifth tip for an eco-friendly date: Stay in. Play some board games. Who says you have to go out to have fun and be eco-friendly. You can stay in and do just that. Read a book together, look at photos, talk. And maybe, turn off the lights.

Above all, have fun and be positive. Your date will appreciate the thought behind it and no doubt you’ll get “points” for that.

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