Dating for Christian Singles

Dating for Christian Singles

Where to Possibly Find the Love of Your Life

For Christian singles, sometimes it is really difficult to find someone with the same system of beliefs. Yes, you could go around with a sign around your neck saying “Christian single wanted!” That might make you look more than a little foolish. In fact, that kind of “look at me” attitude isn’t going to get very far in the dating world at all. There are a lot of options out there for someone who is looking for a significant other with the same faith. Whether it be through your own

A lot of churches do offer single social nights. It’s a good way to meet parishioners who are looking to date. Look around for flyers or contact the social chair of your church. If one isn’t organized at this point, offer the social committee some assistance in forming some kind of single mingle type thing. You never know who could be there. Somebody who you would have never considered or maybe even a friend of a friend. Either way, it may be a lot of fun and a lot of assistance in finding someone. Also, you can contact other churches in the area to see if they offer something along these lines. The more functions you attend, the more of a chance you have to meet someone.

BigChurch is one such christian only dating site. There are actually a lot of people on the site looking for a date. With a huge network of people, there are a lot of options. Plus, you are only then searching for people who are Christians as well.  You can set your search parameters to find people who are close to you, or those which may be keen to relocate, or indeed, you may wish to relocate to be with that special person.

Major dating sites (one example is, another, or also offer searches based on religion. More often than not there is an option under the advanced search. Try looking around to see what kind of person you can find.

There are a lot of websites solely dedicated to Christian singles. A lot of them lean towards marriage and relationship minded people. A quick search across the web will find hundreds of sites. More examples of these sites are and There are many options out there for those who are just looking for sites dedicated to Christian dating.

The most important thing when dating is to talk to the person. Not everyone who lists themselves as a Christian is going to carry your same beliefs. Or it is possible that the person who asked you out on a date at Starbucks does. It’s important to keep your values strong, and ask questions to see if this person is what you are looking for. Dating is meant to be fun, and finding out the little things proves to be one of the most fun parts of it all. Have a fantastic time with the search.

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