Dating Your Co-Worker and Other So-called Inappropriate Relationships

Dating Your Co-Worker and Other So-called Inappropriate Relationships

Most single people who are looking for a serious relationship are limited when it comes to meeting a desirable mate in their immediate inner circle. Following the unwritten rules such as not dating a co-worker further limits your possibilities to finding someone. Dating in the workplace is often discouraged because of the potential problems it could cause to job performance or professionalism if a relationship doesn’t work out. Imagine if you dated someone in your immediate department at work. Things started out great at first but then the bad times got worse and the tumultuous relationship ended in an ugly breakup. Because you are a professional you are still supposed to be cordial and in some cases, you might have to take orders from an ex whom you can’t stand. This is not a pretty situation. Workplace romances do work in some cases. Take my parents for instance. They met at a hospital where my mom was a nurse and my dad was a Physical Therapist. I was created from that union. They eventually split up but they remained amicable and they didn’t work at the same hospital anymore. Several years later mom later remarried a fellow nurse and then on occasion they worked in perfect harmony, oftentimes also meeting for lunch. Dating a married co-worker however is not cool. That situation has bad karma written all over it. While its’ normal to build relationships at work, establishing boundaries at work are necessary if you or your co-worker is married.

Dating your Professor in college is a lot different than say dating your High School teacher. In most cases because of the age difference it can be not only taboo but illegal. Most people remember “The Pelican Brief” starring Julia Roberts, as a stunning young co-ed who was dating her Professor. It was a taboo relationship but at least they did not flaunt it in class. Nor did she seem to get special treatment in class. She seemed to be studious and ambitious. In real life, no one can forget the teacher Mary Kay Letourneau of Seattle who was locked up for several years for having sex with and eventually several babies with her former student while he was underage. Their relationship was against the law and very inappropriate and resulted in a conviction for Letourneau. Although I guess it was true love, because they got married in the end. The moral of that story is, it’s against the law to have sex with an underage child. In college at least consenting adults know what they are getting into. The university may have its own set of laws prohibiting dating students.

I met my husband when he was the landlord of my apartment. That was a weird thing at first but there was no hidden agenda with the relationship. We got to know each other slowly through casual business interactions and on a whim, he asked me to dinner. I was hesitant at first but thought what harm could be done by getting to know him. So we went on some dates and kept it casual. Business remained business as I paid rent on time and did not expect any type of special treatment. It wasn’t like I seduced him with the intent of not paying rent. Had I not given it a chance, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet a caring, kind and hardworking man who loves God and his family.

In dating there are boundaries but if you dismiss potential mates for the slightest reason, you may be missing out.

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