Dating Rituals

Dating Rituals

Ok so you have a date, your hair and make-up are perfect. You have an hour before you have to meet. The only thing left for you to do is get dressed. Easy. Unless you have no idea what you are going to wear, and then there’s the underwear dilemma. What underwear should you wear? Surely on your first date this really shouldn’t be such a massive issue. As no one is going to see it besides you. However, a woman will agonize over what underwear to wear for hours. Mantra 1 going around your head is, it has to be a matching set. The matching set in question also has to be white and strapless to match what you are wearing. However, as fate is a fair whether friend today is the day that only your white bra with straps is clean. The agonising then becomes change the top or go out with your bra strap showing. Then the next mantra is thongs or French knickers? French knickers are very pretty and very flattering but give you VPL (Visible Pant Line). Unlike the thong that will not give you a pant line but you will be uncomfortable for the entire evening. Once you have agonised over this long enough you finally decide on the perfect thong set to wear you now have 15 mins to get ready and go. However, as you make your way to your rendezvous point do you not think why have a made such an effort, when no one is going to see it? My answer to this is simple if you didn’t sod’s law would choose that day for you to be hit by a bus, and when the paramedics turn up and cut your clothes free to save your life. Everyone around you will know you weren’t wearing a matching set, and your loving mother will have a heart attack. So to summarize always wear a matching underwear set just in case.

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