Dating Tips to Seduce Any Woman and Start Any Relationship

Dating Tips to Seduce Any Woman and Start Any Relationship

Cheesy One-Liners and Negative Responses

We’ve all seem them used in movies over and over again. We’ve all seem them work in movies as well but the truth of the matter is, one-liners rarely do. In fact, when it comes down to it, about the only thing that comes from this tactic is miserable failure. First impressions are everything and one liners give only a few types aside from the fact that they are always difficult to transition from into normal conversation.

The first and most common response you’ll receive from a one-liner is a look of disgust followed by a prompt dismissal. For the most part, one-liners break virtually every rule. They are almost always a compliment which you never want on the first move. Not only that, but they also tend to be focused on her body or looks in some way. A combination of those two things alone are deadly to your game. They come across as unoriginal, disingenuous and creepy especially when coming from someone they’ve never met before.

The second response you may get out of this is a sign of interest. Don’t be fooled because she certainly isn’t. Women are very socially savvy and in my experience when a woman seems as though she’s interested in whatever witty line you’ve fed her, beware. Nine times out of ten she’ll use this opportunity to take advantage of a weak pathetic idiot. You’ll be buying her drinks all night until she decides that you’ve worn out your use and you’ll never even get the luxury of her phone number much less a date.

The final response I’ve seen from a one-liner is genuine interest. This is that other one out of the ten that show interest. One-liners in general don’t work and this scenario is very rare but it does happen from time to time. They must or they wouldn’t be so widely used. They are by far the easiest and most talentless way to go about it but there must be a few things helping it out. A one liner all on its own does no good you’ll also need confidence, charisma and a follow up line or two. It’s extremely risky and I would never recommend it as a strategy. An approach this direct generally should be avoided in my opinion.

Try keeping your intentions hidden. Don’t show her your entire setup in the opening move. You can easily avoid any negative reaction at all if you find a more casual and real approach. Women believe in serendipity. A meeting of pure chance plays nicely on their fairytale dreams. Try just bumping into her on your way to the bar or restroom. When you make eye contact, give her a quick, “sorry about that.” and follow it up with, “hey, you might want to check your makeup, your mascara’s running. Here, let me walk you to the restroom, I’m already headed that way.” Then you can easily transition to an easy conversation.

Now listen carefully, there are two reasons that this works so well. You’re doing two very important things, initiating contact and breaking the ice without even saying a word. Then you’re raising your own value by lowering hers when you point out the flaw in her makeup. A Kleenex and a booger comment works well too, or any number of other things you can pick on her about. Women love to be teased and you just have to learn to play the big brother role. Put downs are a way to disarm her and stop the defensive wall from going up by taking her by surprise and sniping one of her attraction switches.

And if you just can’t bring yourself to put her down a little bit, asking for an opinion, advice, or telling a short funny anecdote about something you saw just a few minutes ago outside the bar works well too. But like I said, be careful not to telegraph interest. It’s best if the approach looks accidental as if you had something you needed to say right then and she just happened to be the first person you saw. Here’s some more material to try.

Walk up to the bar and order a drink making your motions and conversation with the bartender noticeable. Oh yeah, be sure to make friends with your bartender and waiters, they can help you out tremendously. When she sees you ordering your drink turn to her over your shoulder, if she’s looking make eye contact and say, “hey, can I get your advice on something, I need a female opinion on something real quick. Well… never mind, you don’t look like you’d be much help. Only toss in the put down if you think she’ll be on guard. Then proceed to ask her some advice on a text message you received, a debate between you and your friend, some advice about your sister. Be creative. Don’t give her time to respond or say anything at all before you begin asking her your question and be sure to make it seem as though you may leave at any second.

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