Dating Tips for the Single Guy

Dating Tips for the Single Guy

Every guy that I have known has always went through the dating ritual. Basically that is what it is – a ritual. From the time, when we are toddlers, we are taught the proper manners that are to be used in our everyday life. These manners carry over and are used time and again.

The dating ritual isn’t earth science. However, there are many rules of etiquette that need to be followed. Some of my friends use to call it the hunt. Although, I myself could never compare dating with hunting, they do seem to parallel themselves. Here are some helpful tips that the single guy should be aware of.

The approach.

The approach is where a guy has to decide who he will date and how he will approach getting permission. This can be done in many ways. Letters, notes, phone calls, or a good friend can be helpful in setting up the date. However, the best approach is by simply asking. It is honest and straight forward. If you get shutdown, you can be disappointed, but don’t get depressed over it. Rejection is a part of life.


The date has been set up now you have to prepare. You might ask your date what they like to do. If they don’t give you any positive feedback, then you are on your own to set up the date itself. Never, blindside your date though. Always try to honestly let them know your plans, at least on the first date. You can pull surprises later on.

Make sure you set a date and time. Let the person know when you plan for the date to end. The end time can always be adjusted later by the two of you. If you need to make reservations, for any place in particular do so. Be sure your date knows the reservation time. This way they will be on time and or ready to go.

Once this is all set up, you’re ready to prepare yourself. Before you leave for your date, make sure you do the following. Take a bath, groom yourself properly, use deodorant, and be sure your clothes are clean. Do not over dress or under dress. You don’t need new clothes for a date. Just be sure they are clean. The same goes with socks. Sometimes socks can carry a very undesirable foot odour. Use Cologne but, don’t overdo it. Breath mints always come in handy, too.

The Date.

Don’t arrive too early. Five minutes is early enough to arrive. Don’t be late. One of the worst things a guy can do is to be late.
If you want to bring a small gift or flower just to be thoughtful, that is fine. Save them for birthdays or Christmas though. This is just a first date.
During the date be sure to open doors (car doors as well). If you walk, the gentleman always walks on the curb side of the sidewalk. Be sure to pull out the chair for them, if you happen to be at restaurant. The basic rule is “Be polite.”


The secret to a good conversation is being a good listener. Try to find out what interests you have in common. That will go a long way in the success of a first date. Do not try to be a control freak and carry the conversation yourself. That shows how selfish you may be. Don’t be in a hurry. Relax and just let the conversation flow where it wants to. Try to avoid political or religious conversations. These are usually strong in set beliefs. Always try to keep an open mind in your conversation, too.


This simply means the date is coming to an end. If things have gone well, then the experience has been well worth it. Be sure to end the date on a good note.
You are ready to close out the evening. Do you kiss or not? This is a hard area to judge. If you are unsure, a brief kiss on the cheek and a moderate hug are usually acceptable. If your companion wants a little more than that, they will lead you to that point. This brings me to another point. Don’t expect sex. Sex is for intimacy not a first date. Just because you showed your partner a great evening, doesn’t mean you have the right to expect sex.


A day or two later you may discuss how you felt the date went. Don’t look for a grade the evening of the date. You can evaluate the experience once you have gone separate ways. If the date was appealing to both of you, then maybe you can make plans for another. However, honesty is still best here. Be open and honest with each other. Don’t be harsh. If it was a bad experience, leave it at that. Don’t bring up bad experiences.

Dating is a ritual that has been going on in many different cultures down through time. It will continue to do so.

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