Dating Tips for the Single Modern Parent

Dating Tips for the Single Modern Parent

Ahhh. The dating life of a single parent. It seems that more and more parents are divorcing and being forced out into the wonderful world of dating than ever before. I myself am a perpetually single person. I have managed to remain single since leaving a four-year relationship with a 2 ½ year old in tow 15 years ago. I remained single while becoming the parent of my 2nd and last child. I did manage to fall off the wagon once and briefly married one very big mistake of a man. But I quickly came to my senses and became even more committed to remaining single and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Dating is a contact sport. Very often when you let your guard down you get hit below the belt. You learn what works for you and you stick with it. Young, old, black, white; my type changes with the wind. The only constants are my rules.

Rule #1: No you may not come to my house under any circumstances.

Rule #2: I don’t do sleepovers

Rule #3: No you cannot meet my children.

These are firm and steadfast rules. My home is sacred and what type of parent would I be if I paraded men in and out of my house on a constant basis. My children are aware that I go out but names and details are rarely given. They don’t ever have to worry when I will show up because when they wake up I am home in my own bed. My children have their own fathers and do not have the need for another. Any attempts to woo me through my children results in immediate termination.

Rules aside, I have never found a date to be difficult to come by. I have tried various methods in meeting men and as I age those have changed. In my twenties I could meet men at clubs or bars but after thirty you start to feel slightly foolish. Between pay to meet dating sites and free online social networking sites your possibilities in the online world of dating are both scary and limitless. I have found though that the less men have to pay out of their pocket can correlate directly with the less they are worth a date.

Two of my friends met and married through but I have found it to be way too much work. Both and Adultfriendfinder are good sites with a large selection of available men. OKCupid is an amusing site that offers little in the way of dating but is great for networking. Myspace seems to have fallen by the wayside while Facebook remains mostly friends.

An important thing to remember in online dating is not to believe everything you read or are told. Do not give out personal details until you have met someone and feel comfortable doing so. Most important, do what makes you happy and comfortable, not what society dictates you should.

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