Do’s and Don’ts of Dating and Blogging

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating and Blogging

For many people, their personal blog is an outlet where they can talk about their day-to-day activities, share their experiences, get advice and communicate with new people all from the comfort of their home. Blogs have become increasingly popular and some may say that it is cathartic. When you have a blog, you may be tempted to share information about those you are dating or in a relationship with. Considering a blog is out there for all to see, there are some do’s and don’ts to think about before you type your first post.

Do Tell Your Significant Other About Your Blog

If you plan to talk about your significant other in the blog, then it is appropriate to mention that you will be doing so. The information you type is not like a diary where you will be the only one reading it; many people will most likely be reading what you type. If you are putting information about your significant other out into the cyber world, he or she should have the availability to read what you are saying just like everyone else has the accessibility to.

Don’t Type When You Are Angry

There are many things you should not do when you are angry, one of them being not to vent about it publicly at that moment. If you want to discuss the argument or problem, give yourself time to calm down before you type anything. Almost everyone says things out of anger, some of which they did not mean or it comes out more harshly then they intended it to. Most people will not argue with, scream at or flip out on their significant other in the middle of a crowd; if you type when you are angry, that is essentially what you are doing.

Do Use Fake Names

Whether you are dating or in a relationship, you should use fake names when writing about other people. Even if they are accepting at the time of their name being used, they might not be in the future. Some people are not comfortable with having their private life discussed on the Internet with their real name attached to it, so it is best to avoid the problem all together by using a fake one.

Don’t List Every Detail

Some people, if they find out you blog in detail about your dates or relationships, may shy away from being around you for fear that you will document everything. Discuss enough that you can express yourself, but leave all the private details and discussions off the blog. Writing all of the private details may hurt your dating life more than you realize.

Although your blog is meant to be an outlet for you to express your thoughts, ideas and goings on, you should make sure that you consider that some people may not want their name out there. Just as you would think before you speak, it is best to think before you type as well, otherwise, you could put something out into the world that you cannot take back.

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