Have you ever thought about finding a foreign wife?

Have you ever thought about finding a foreign wife?

We have all seen those beautiful Russian or Ukrainian women in the movies. Always stunning, always slim and almost always speak pretty good English, mostly with a very obvious eastern European but not too strong an accent. You know the type, being pursued by the Russian mafia or KGB as the hero drives her across Europe. All the plots seem similar but you tolerate the movie because there is plenty of violence, car chase scenes and of course that gorgeous looking woman.

So why not try and score one of your own? It may not be as hard as you think. While it is not as easy pickings as it used to be when beautiful woman would do anything to get out of their repressed country, it is still quite possible. Nowadays most beautiful single Ukrainian or Russian women have a pretty good lifestyle. They are very well educated, speak more than one language and meet friends at cafes and go for coffee, go to the gym, work,  just like we do. But as woman typically outnumber the men in the cities, it seems their chances of finding a decent man who will treat them nice is not so great. The men know this and prefer to have a good time, drinking and the single life rather than settle down in what we would term the normal family life. Wife, kids and a house. Many eastern European women still look for this secure family life and are not finding that in their own country, so many have decided to look elsewhere. They are already slim and fit, knowing that they have to compete with all the other beautiful women to even have a chance of finding those few nice guys in their city.

They have decided to look to a western lifestyle. They already have learnt English at school and maybe university. If they chose another language to learn instead of English, having already learnt another language, they have no problem learning another.

Take a look at a few foreign dating sites to see how many beautiful women there are out there, still available. Sure many of the profiles will be fake, so look for ones that don’t have photos that look like they are from a model shoot… they probably were and not photos of her (or of him as the case often is of these scammers).

Look for real looking profiles, where the English is not perfect, and avoid those that say age is just a number, and looks don’t matter. These are obvious fakes. However a larger age difference is common and expected in their culture so it is very easy to gain the attention of a lady 10 to 15 years younger, and looks to her are not as important as you probably imagine. They seek a nice, genuine faithful man, one who does not drink to excess and who can treat a woman as they deserve to be treated. Someone they can count on and to treat them well.

You don’t need to be a millionaire, but you will need to have a job and not still be living with your mum to score yourself a 9. Set your sights higher than what you are used to at home. There are thousands of beautiful foreign women out there who would see you as quite a catch.

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9 Responses to Have you ever thought about finding a foreign wife?

  1. Albert says:

    Can someone who has had success marying a foreign bride give the rest of us some tips here. I have dated two, but seems if they are already in the country they are to choosy

  2. Leopoldo says:

    Can we have some sucess stories. I am worried of culteral differences leading to break ups

  3. Frances says:

    The more I date local women, the more I think looking offshore for a foreign bride is the way to go

  4. maz says:

    Check out those Russian brides. Beautiful!

  5. elia says:

    Great post!

  6. Cyril says:

    Lately I am thinking about nothing else. Mila Kunis here I come

  7. Betsy says:

    what is wrong with you creeps. find a wife in your own country by treating them right

  8. warner says:

    It would be good if you could post some expiereinces both postitive and negative from guys who have a foreign wife.

  9. Fredrick says:

    Forget Ukraine guys! Take a look at Thailand. SO many beautiful young girls

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