Five Scandalous Dating Reality Shows that Don’t Exist (Yet)

Five Scandalous Dating Reality Shows that Don’t Exist (Yet)

Every time you turn around, new dating realities shows burst onto the scene, promising even more scandal. These shows are the world’s guilty pleasures. The more we complain about how shallow and baseless they are the more we tune in. It seems that in an effort to push the boundaries of decency, the creators and producers get more risqué, allowing the participants to “be themselves”-in an effort to score higher ratings. What if the boundaries on these reality programs grew exceptionally thin? What kinds of dating shows would audiences surely tune in to see? Here are some ideas…

Reality Show Title: “Age, Sex, Location”
Program Type: Online Dating Reality Show

If you’ve ever participated in online dating, then you realize exactly how much of a romantic gamble you’re taking every time you make a “connection.” Some potential love interests lie about their height, weight, and age. Some look drastically different from their online photos. Others actually look better than their pictures. Some are pretty accurate in their descriptions, but have personalities that are better left shrouded in mystery. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to follow a group of singles who have embarked upon this kind of dating quest? The reality show participants would have their first (and perhaps 2nd and 3rd) dates filmed (with the other party’s permission) for the show. Finally, the world would get to see exactly how hilarious many of these online dating exchanges really are.

Reality Show Title: “Spouse Swap”
Program Type: Swinging Couples Dating

Couples who enjoy swinging would participate on a show that would allow them to explore this lifestyle on the air. The show would not reveal the sexual exploits, but would get pretty racy. Highlights would include all the ramifications that go along with swinging: the lovers’ spats, secret canoodling sessions, inter-couple gossip, and the whole nine yards. There is no way that this show would not be a network ratings booster.

Reality Show Title: “Date My Ex”
Program Type: Singles Swapping Exes

This dating reality show features a group of singles and their exes. The concept of the show is very similar to the episode of “Sex and the City” in which party guests were to bring along a guest of the opposite sex, so as to ensure a balance in potential love matches. However, on this reality show the tricked-out mansion would be literally brimming with people: both the singles and the exes. Imagine the sparks (and fists) that will fly when the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head.

Reality Show Title: “Real Mistresses of {Insert City Here}”
Program Type: Chronicles of the “Mistress” Lifestyle

This show would serve as a racy spin-off of the Real Housewives franchise. The world seems to be obsessed with the Mistress’ “side of the story.” So what better way to accommodate both our nosiness, and their need for a paycheck? These women who have been accused of ripping apart so many Hollywood marriages would finally be front and center. We’d see how they interact with their own kids (yes, they’re moms too.) We’d also get a chance to see just how these dirty dealings go down. And because the list of hidden mistresses appears to be never-ending, there is no telling exactly how many seasons you could squeeze out of this reality show.

Reality Show Title: “The Bunny Ranch Chronicles”
Program Type: Racy Reality Exposé

While we know that prostitution exists all over the country, the only state where it is legal is Nevada. HBO has already aired a pretty intimate documentary series on the infamous Bunny Ranch – a legal brothel located several miles outside of Las Vegas. There are also other brothels located in the state. So, why not chronicle any existing competition-effectively spinning the documentary into a full-fledged reality series? Now that’s reality TV.

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