The Friend-Zone and How to Avoid it.

The prospect of teenage dating is severely hindered by the idea of the ‘friend-zone.’ The idea was constructed by teenage boys who believe they have been ‘friend zoned’ by girls as they are ‘too nice’ to date. The idea is ridiculous mainly because boys think that being nice immediately results in relationships, that holding a door open for a girl means they are a gentleman of the highest honour, and should be granted women. This is horrific as it creates the idea that men are entitled to women and that, by doing little, respectful things that a decent human being should do, they should be given sex. The idea of the friend zone has been spread via social media and has resulted in the communal knowledge of its existence; this has caused many teenage boys to believe that they are, themselves in the friend zone, this has created an excessive amount of teenage boys who think that being nice to a girl and telling her that she’s ‘beautiful’ instead of ‘hot’ entitles him to her, and when she doesn’t let him he gets mad and will yell profusely about how ‘girls always go for the wrong guys’ when in fact, the girl goes for the boy she is personally attracted to, even though through the boys eyes he may not be suitable for her. The idea of the ‘friend zone’ has resulted in the deaths of multiple women; Elliot Rodger was a self-proclaimed gentleman who thought that he was entitled to females, he never actually talked to them or interacted with them at all he expected women to approach him and offer him sex and when this didn’t happen he decided to punish females for his lack of sexual encounters, and killed six people, and wounding a further thirteen before shooting himself. These deaths could have been prevented if men were not taught to believe that they are entitled to women if they are nice to them.

The idea is further developed as women are taught that the ‘nice guy’ is always the best option through countless films portraying girls who only find true happiness and romance with a ‘nice guy.’ Females are taught that they should look for the good in people that aren’t necessarily attractive or even the type of guy they would generally date, they are taught that they should settle for someone who is underrated because those are the men that will treat them right, when in reality, these men are quite typically the ones who find themselves in the friend zone and will complain about it excessively, proving that they are not necessarily the most suitable partners as they often perceive themselves as being owed relationships and owed sex which are not acceptable qualities in a partner as they will do things in the hope of getting sex in return, not through their genuine affection.

The ‘friend zone’ is a misconception created by lonely teenage boys who are unable to successfully get a relationship due to the fact that the girls they are chasing simply do not find them physically or emotionally attractive.

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