Getting Back into the Dating World- As a Single Parent

Getting Back into the Dating World

As a Single Parent

Even though it can be hard putting yourself back into the dating world when you have children, it isn’t impossible. Remember – if you are happy, your kids will be happy!

If you’ve been out of it for a while, or your heart just isn’t into it, the best thing to do is rely on your friends. When my daughter was two and I was mourning the death of a sweetheart, my friends decided it was time for me be out enjoying life again. It was hard. I didn’t want to become close to anyone ever again because it hurt too much when they died.

My friend insisted I come out to a local bar softball game and barbeque after getting a babysitter. To be fair to your kids, you shouldn’t introduce them to anyone new unless it starts to get serious.

Of course, I didn’t really notice anyone until my friend introduced me to someone who had known my former love. As we talked, I started to feel more comfortable since we had mutual friends and quite a bit in common. I told him I had a two-year-old. Be honest with your dates about your children. No one likes to be blindsided after the fact.

I also told him I didn’t want to get into a relationship just then because I was still raw with grief. He appreciated that since he wasn’t looking for anything permanent either but he told me that if I needed company, he’d be more than happy to take me out. Don’t be in too much of a hurry for your date to ‘be the one’. Be friends first!

My daughter wouldn’t let him sit next to me since she was jealous of my attention being away from her but she finally relented. If they hadn’t gotten along, I would have called it quits. After all, she was with me first! When you do introduce them to your children, pay attention to how both react. Kids and dogs seem to have a sixth sense about bad people!

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