How To Ask A Woman For A Date

How to ask a woman for a date

Dating apps and websites have made it much easier for you shy males to find a suitable woman to date. You can immediately discard those that have more than two cats without having wasted an hour of your life and springing for a coffee, a drink or a meal before you find this out. You can casually over a series of messages back and forth get to the point where you suggest actually meeting up in real life.

However dating websites or apps take time and maybe money depending on what you chose. A much better method is to ask a woman out whom you have already seen in the flesh, so to speak, and know what you are getting. Many women’s (yes and sometimes males too) photos on their profile on a dating site or tinder photo will be several to many years old, or of course a photo that captures them in their best light and made up heavily…maybe even a professional makeup artist has been used. Also women tend to be a little economical with the truth in their their weight estimations or body type in my experience. If you ask a woman out who you have actually seen, you will know what you are getting at least in the way she looks and her actual weight, figure etc. if that is important to you. Of course the downside of asking someone out on their outward appearance only is you haven’t yet had the chance to find out how many cats she has at home.

Either method has its advantages and use whatever works best for you, or a combination of both. If you are shy and get nervous at asking a woman out then use the online approach. The fear of rejection also lends itself to this, as it is much less offensive to be turned down online rather than face to face rejection. But hey, just because one lady (or 100) turn you down, it doesn’t mean that the next one will. It’s a numbers game and just be prepared for some rejections. Don’t take it personally. Some will just plain never accept an invitation from someone at a bar, and wouldn’t matter if you looked like Brad Pitt…well maybe that would be an exception for any woman, but you get the idea. Be prepared for rejection. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. No gain, no pain and all the other clichés. Get your head around the fact that you will be turned down. Almost always politely but sometimes not, but what’s the worst that can happen? Unless it’s the only bar in your town.

So just make up your mind to try. Be prepared for rejection. It gets easier the more you do it. Have a drink or two first if you need, but never too many so you make a complete dick of yourself.

Good luck and remember that maybe a lifetime of happiness depends on just a few seconds of awkwardness and the next woman you have the courage to talk to and ask out could just be the one.

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