How to find the best foreign dating site?

How to find the best foreign dating site?

There are thousands of foreign dating sites out there. Most seem to be a scam. Most are just effectively clones of yet other sites. The code is available for next to nothing and all you need is a host to run it on almost straight out of the box. You can even buy profiles by the tens of thousands to load your site from day one so it looks legit.

How can you be sure that you are not signing up to one of these sites? A site just designed to suck as much money from you as they can before you realize that none of those beautiful women are real. well the photos are real but they are harvested from Facebook, Instagram and other dating sites. Sites such as Warrior Forum and BlackHatWorld have profiles or pictures by the tens of thousands that you can purchase or often even given away to their members.

You might think that using Google search would bring the top legitimate sites to the top. You would assume that, wouldn’t you? However, with all the blackhat methods and paid advertising it is relatively easy to manipulate the results and all you are often getting as the most active scam sites at the top. You might also think that using a paid advertisement that appears at the top would be safe, but of course Google will take anyone’s money and if their bids are high enough, then these scam sites will feature heavily in the paid ads as well. We venture to suggest that most people using Google do not even realise that the top results are paid for anyway, and of course Google don’t really want you to know that anyway. that those who pay the most are at the top. No longer is a search result based on quality, or the best result for the keyword you enter, but rather for those that spend the most on advertising with Google.

Anyway. Do some research. Ask your friends. If you aren’t comfortable asking them on this sensitive matter, then a simple search using the dating site name with a space and the word ‘scam’ will reveal a hoard of information of the negative kind. Another option is a space and the word ‘review’, however you will also get a heap of affiliate sites who write a so called ‘review’ just to plug their own affiliate links. If you don’t know what an affiliate link is, it is a code link so the dating site you end up on will pay them for the traffic and either a flat fee or a percentage of everything you end up spending on that site. Often these affiliate links are ‘cloaked’ so you can’t tell or don’t notice, but more often than not they are pretty obvious with a number at the end, aff, ref, ID= and the like etc. Anything with this type of thing in the URL (just hover your mouse over the link to see it) and you can be sure they are being paid to send you there. So of course affiliates are not going to send you to the best sites, but rather to the sites that make them the most money. And how to they make the most money… by referring you to the worst scam sites, the ones who make it hard if not impossible to cancel, those that continue to charge your credit card, those where your account mysteriously reactivates itself after you were sure you had cancelled the payment, or even those where you are unable to cancel because it is in the fine print that no one can be bothered reading. A good one is that the terms and conditions say that they will only accept a cancellation using their cancellation form… and of course the cancellation form link gives a 404 error (and has done for years), or they swear they never received your request, or they delay you with promises, requests for information until the deadline for your next payment has passed. Don’t underestimate the ways these guys have to suck every cent they can get out of you.

So do your research. Spend some time and don’t just sign up on the first one you see.

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