How to impress on the first date

first date

We have all been there- especially in our younger days. You have finally picked up the courage to ask a girl out on a date and she has said yes, but now what to do? Broke and too many days left till payday. Credit card is maxed out but want to impress her and make the first date special, as you really fancy this girl and she could just be the one. It took a while for her to say yes and she is really out of your league so you only have one chance. If you blow this first date then she is gone for ever. The mother of your children is about to slip through your fingers. What to do?

The good news is that a first date does not have to cost a lot or even anything (depending on just how skint you are here at the moment). Think outside the square. Everyone tries to impress a girl on the first date with a meal at the most expensive restaurant that they could afford. You don’t want her to know you are a cheapskate or broke temporarily. Doing this though is setting you up for failure. Set the bar high on the first date and she will expect it for the second and the third. You don’t want to give her the impression you have money if you don’t. Money is not the decider of who a girl chooses. Perhaps I should qualify that, it is not the only or main decision factor of who a girl chooses to go out with or partner with. Sure it is easier if you have money and what girl isn’t going to be swayed by that. Hell wouldn’t you if given the choice? but remember females don’t think like us- thank goodness.

The solution- just do something different, something fun for your first date. If she is good looking and popular as I am sure she will be if you desperately want to date her, then all her first dates will have been at a fancy restaurant and all the same. Yours will be different, which is a good thing. You need to have made an impression if you ever expect to move on from your first date to the second.

Pack a picnic and a blanket, a nice bottle of wine and take her  to a quiet spot on the grass somewhere preferably with some sort of view or nice outlook, maybe a view of water, something nice even if it is just the lights of the city or the stars. Every city has such places. maybe take her ice skating, borrow a couple of bikes and go for an easy ride somewhere. Walk up the hill to a nice view overlooking your town. Borrow a friends row-boat and take her on the lake or the river, that’s very romantic. Anything that is free or close to it. Cook her a meal at your place and have it on the roof with a few candles around (yeah got that one from the movies). Just think out side of the square and do something fun. This will give you the chance to impress her with your wit, humor or conversation rather than her just subconsciously comparing the meal (and therefore you) to her last date and that being the benchmark of whether you progress from this first date or not to the next.

First dates not need to be expensive. Just use your imagination and make it fun.

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