How to spot a scam

How to spot a scam

Dating website scammers and fraudsters typically aren’t that clever, or if they are they soon get lazy and follow the same pattern so it is pretty easy to tell a scam profile within seconds. How?

Follow these few basic rules and you will immediately rule out a fraudster and save yourself wasted time and maybe even wasted money.

Is her picture just way too perfect? Does she look like a model. Does the photo look like it was taken in a studio. Yes? It’s a scam. Most real women will post a selfie and maybe a few holiday snapshots, not pay to have a professional shoot done. A few will so this does not necessarily mean it is a scam right off the blocks but chances are probably around ninety five percent that it is. Confirm it with one or more of the other signs below and move on to the next one.

Does the photo look like a typical Facebook photo? Cleavage showing? That’s because these photos were taken from a Facebook page…just not hers! It is so easy to pull photos from anyone’s Facebook profile and a quick scan of blackhat forums will quickly show you that anyone can buy thousands of sets of photos pulled from Facebook or other dating sites.

Photo not quite tie in with the description? OK so everyone lies a little about their age, but what about height and weight. Often when these scammers make fake profiles they haven’t yet decided what photos they are going to use, get lazy, or just get bored doing this so often they rush through. It is generally pretty easy to verify the height and weight fits in with the photos. Eye colour…yes scammers get lazy and make mistakes when setting up a few fake profile. Don’t take too much attention to hair colour as some women will change it every other week.

Look for key well abused phrases which can’t help but draw you in. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Such phrases as ‘age is just a number’, ‘looks don’t matter’ There are many more that you will see over and over again, or very similar. Also ones that use the word scam, timewaster, and only serious intentions. These are designed to push your buttons and draw you in.

Are the photos named a little odd? This doesn’t always work but will give you one hundred percent surety that the profile is fake if they haven’t edited them. Drag one or more of her photos to your desktop and then look at the file name. Normal photos will be names such as DSC_0048.JPG or IMG_3097 and the like, or if they have renamed them as meaningful for them, they will have names such as me, me Spain 2014, or me and xxx, me Christmas 15 or whatever. They certainly won’t have her first name, or worse whole name and 01 then another name02 etc. And they certainly won’t have Svetlana01 when the profile says her name is Ludmilla. You get the picture. These guys (and yes they are indeed usually guys) are creating heaps of fake profiles all over the place and name photos so they can keep track of them (for instance they will have several in reserve so when you ask for more photos they know which folder they need to look in…don’t want to send you someone else’s photo by mistake do they, or to waste time trying to find it). Think about how you label your photos if you do label them. Certainly not as they probably use.

The biggest tell-tale sign is if the filename is in English, yet her first language is Russian. Name one person who would label files on her home computer in anything but her native language. This tip here once again will tell you she is a scammer on it’s own.

While you are at it. Get info on the photo. It may even have the location data embedded. Why would it be in the US when she lives in Ukraine. Check the date ties up, but chances are you can only see the date this was uploaded rather than created, but while you are in the ‘get info’ area worth a look if it was taken 6 years about but she says they were last holiday.

Drop the photo on Does it show as the same photo on another dating site but under a different profile, or a facebook page of a model in another country. You will be surprised at how blatant these scammers can be.

Play detective. See if you can fine anything that doesn’t look right. Chances are high you will find it if you look. One on it’s own doing guarantee one hundred percent she is a fraudster but 2 or even 3 sure does. We recommend you skip this profile if you find just one. Just move on and don’t waste your time further.

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