Interesting Facts About Dating

Interesting Facts About Dating

These interesting facts about dating prove that love is about more than simple attraction. Face shape, locale and even bodily fluids affect a single person’s ability to find companionship.

  • Is your face symmetrical? Good news. People like you have sex earlier and more suitors. Also, females with facial symmetry are orgasmic.
  • Washington D.C. has the most singles compared to other states. On average, this educated lot marries later than the rest of their U.S. counterparts.
  • Upset because you are alone on a Saturday night? Be of good cheer. 50% of American singles have not had a date in two years making the lonely-hearts club jam-packed with members.
  • Sweat is an active ingredient in perfume. This substance carries pheromone, a chemical substance affecting the behavior of the same species. This data explains why the gym is a hot spot for romance.
  • Believe the hype! Everything is bigger in Texas. More than any other state, residents are likely to have been married multiple times. These folks are the basis for the term starter marriage.
  • Couples typically break up between three to five months. This time frame is equal to a semester in most colleges. Hmm?
  • Momma was right. Being too available is a turn off to the opposite sex. Your eagerness is interpreted as desperation.
  • Female? Want a man to approach you? As he walks by, smile and make eye contact. Also, if you are at a club, chat with the bartender. Your friendliness encourages the opposite sex to chime in.
  • Prior to marriage, the average person falls in love 7 times. They probably fall into these categories: Kindergarten teacher, middle school crush, prom date, college sweet heart, unattainable movie star, first live-in lover, and person who agrees to walk down the aisle with you.
  • 74% of online daters are between the ages of 18 and 44. This means the rest are probably pubescent minors breaking house rules on Internet use or senior citizens breaking retirement home rules on Internet use.

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