Internet Dating Scams and How To Avoid Being Scammed- part 7

Internet Dating Scams and How To Avoid Being Scammed- part 7

Things seem to be progressing well. You still haven’t heard back from the accounts department but these things take time. Maybe you have even had a another nice email that your ‘problem’ has been escalated to someone else. You are corresponding almost daily with your new lady and things seems to be progressing very well. She doesn’t say a lot but keeps the conversation going and wants to know more and more about you.

Perhaps she seems a little distant or doesn’t seem to answer your questions, or maybe only one of your questions. Now when I say distant, I don’t mean that she doesn’t sound interested, maybe very interested in you, but just that her replies are a little short, but she is always asking you a question so that has to be good as she wants to know more about you. That has got to be a good sign doesn’t it? She is obviously interested in finding out a bit more about you. Nothing wrong with that at all and a good sign you think, so these short letters carry on almost daily. Maybe she is busy, what with working and maybe she doesn’t have internet access at home so is writing from a friends computer, at work in her lunch hour, or at the local library on the way home or whatever. You are not concerned and it has never even crossed your mind that the sole purpose of these questions and short letters is to get a reply from you as fast and as many letters going backwards and forwards as possible. Then it dawns on you. Of course! You are being charged per letter to be translated. Maybe paying even to be translated to her language and then her reply to yours (some will only charge one way, but of course charge you more than those that charge both ways).

You have been conned. This beautiful woman, if she does even exist, is being paid a percentage or a flat fee for every letter you or she writes. She is encouraged and even rewarded to drag these out as long as possible and to have as much correspondence as possible. Of course her letters are short and vague. She (or remember maybe a he) has several of these scams running at the same time and is copying and pasting. While the first few letters make sense and seem to flow on fine, after a while she (he) can’t be bothered reading back as to what she has previously written and what she has or has not told you already. No matter how good her intentions were to start with, they all get lazy and just want to pump as many of these out to get paid for as many as they can as fast as they can.

But who can blame them. Its good money getting paid in US dollars in their country where living is cheap. Why would you not get out of it as much as you can, especially when they are encouraged and rewarded for doing so. Westerners are easy targets and all rich and can afford it they tell themselves.

So, again as we have said time and time again, be sceptical. Try and look for red flags…they will almost certainly be there. Don’t imagine for a minute that someone has just fallen head over heels in love with you by email…as much as we would like to believe it.

Continued next week…

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  1. marian says:

    All pretty much common sense dating advice…Pity most of us don’t seem to have much of this

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