The Lies Behind the Lines – Dating Chat Lines


The Lies Behind the Lines – Dating Chat Lines

My friend and I were bored I guess and decided to call one of those phone services to talk to “single guys” here in Texas one night. Well let me speak for myself and say that I just wanted to listen and laugh; She had other things in mind. With this particular one we had to create a greeting and say what kind of person we were looking to chat with, then we had to go through this list of guys and hear their greetings and choose the one we liked. You would think this part was easy but it wasn’t simply because it was like surfing through a sea of losers only to find really one guy worth swimming with.

When we made our greeting it was so fun. I couldn’t stay serious for anything so she took over and we just sort of played off each other and it worked. We started getting messages from guys and sometimes women too. Neither one of us sails that way but it was funny to hear women trying to flirt with us. There were so many losers on there, which made it hard to really pay attention or even find the guys we liked. Most of them were too tall or too short for me. The wrong ages or just not within the race I date so it really was all in fun. If I depended on that service to find my guy then I would have been out of luck. She on the other hand does date black men so she was right at home and she actually had a decent conversation with one guy but the system bumped us off.

We kept looking and then we found a guy that I was interested in. He said he was white in his greeting but I later found out he was Mexican but his height was good and his age was good so it was all good. We exchanged pictures and email addresses and agreed to get to know each other and be friends but only after I let him know I was not single. I didn’t want to lie to anyone. Even if it was in the name of fun. He did lie about his name and race but after talking to him I can understand the need to protect some things about yourself but then again a lie is a lie and it seems that for the people that get on those chat lines the truth isn’t in them.

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