Why Men Fail when Dating Women

Why Men Fail when Dating Women

Imagine being the guy who does not have to worry about dating women anymore. Women are all over you and your cell-phone never stops ringing. You have to verify your agenda because you barely have time for yourself with so many dates on your calendar. But this is just a dream to some men. Some men are just not capable of inspiring that desire into women. But why?

It’s because they are not doing the right approach to women. What’s the right approach? – you ask. Think about this situation…

Case 1:

There’s a beautiful lady in a flower store. The lady is perfect; nice body, cute face and a long well-treated hair. She is taking a close look at some flowers and smelling the nice natural perfume of flowers. A handsome man makes his approach to her… walks by close to her but doesn’t say a word. Just a deep look into her eyes. But she didn’t care; she’s there to buy some flowers.

Case 2:

The same scene as before… This time another handsome man approaches. This man is brave enough and he talks to her. He introduces himself, asks for her name, stares at her studying her beautiful body, talks about her cute smile… now he tells her she’s got a nice blouse and it’s perfectly tight to her body. The woman feels uncomfortable with all these comments that she thinks are inappropriate the very first day they met. So now, she avoids the man and skips out of the conversation.

Did they make the right approach? You bet they did not!

Now case 3:

Same scene… but this time a not-so-good-looking guy approaches to the woman. The problem is you are some distance apart and couldn’t listen to their conversation. But by the looks of it, they are both having a good conversation; they are both smiling, while talking, they are pointing to the flowers and she seems interested in what the guy is talking. He takes a paper out of his pocket and writes down something (could be her number or address). Now, he takes off the flower store…

So, it seems that the not-so-good-looking guy succeeded after all, huh! Two handsome men approached but didn’t have anything to start off with. But this guy wrote down something that may lead to a future date, or more!

Do you identify yourself with the first 2 guys? Then you definitely need to work with your approach to women. You may contact a professional or look over the web to find a good guide that may help with your needs at this matter.

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