You Need a Great Profile Photo

You need a great profile photo! No ifs or buts here. If you are serious about finding a beautiful foreign bride, you must have a good profile photo.

Sure, they all say appearances don’t matter… we males even say this but of course we don’t really mean it. Whilst appearances may not matter in the end when she gets to know the real you, your personality and humor, your thoughtfulness and how you make her feel like a princess with the small things like helping her with her coat and opening the door for her, you are never going to get the chance to show her if she doesn’t respond to your first contact email or message.

The first thing she does, like us, is to look at the picture on your profile. We all do it. First impressions count. We do it whether we realize it or not and form an opinion of the person right away. You will have heard already that when we meet someone we have already subconsciously decided whether we like them or not in seconds. So first impressions are important to help you get the woman of your dreams.

Now we are not saying you need to go out and have a professional photo session done costing hundreds of dollars, but you for sure don’t want to post a quick selfie in the bathroom in your underwear with the toilet visible in the background…and with the seat up!

With all smartphones having a pretty decent camera these days, and the fact you can fire off 50 shots in a row to pick the one or two that turn out at least half decent and all at no cost, you really have no excuse to have a good profile photo.

Front facing cameras on anything but the latest and expensive phones are usually not that great, especially on all the but the latest iPhone (at the time of writing), so ideally you might want to get a mate to take the photos for you using the rear facing camera. You don’t need to tell him what the photos are for unless you want to… could be for a job interview, passport or whatever, or just that your mum wants a nice one of you.

These profile photos are pretty much headshots, but your chances will increase significantly if you wear a tie or at least a shirt with a collar rather than a tee shirt or worse… or at least a nice jacket. If you don’t own a tie and a shirt with a collar then go out and buy one, or borrow one from a friend for the shot.

Try and put yourself in your potential bride’s position. Here she is contemplating leaving everything she knows and loves and is familiar with, her family, her friends, the land where everyone speaks her language for a better life. That is pretty scary. She is not a gold digger, but obviously she is not going to be attracted right away by some scruffy looking guy who can’t even comb his hair and shave for his photo and looks hung-over. Hell she can take her pick of thousands of guys like that at home any day of the week.

Wash and comb your hair. Have a shave. Put on a nice shirt with a collar, maybe a tie and a jacket and get some great photos taken smiling, or at least with a hint of a smile.

You can always crop and adjust them if and as necessary with an array of free programs.

Try and upload at the highest resolution that the site allows to have them looking crisp and sharp. Try and upload at full resolution at first and the site will tell you if it won’t accept and tell you the maximum size it allows. You can then save as to fit just under that size. Saving as JPEG usually has a sliding quality or size scale which you can adjust as necessary, and then try again.

Upload more than one. Too many is not a good look, but more than one for sure.

Next week, writing a profile that makes you stand out and sure to get a flood of responses.


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