Unsolicted emails-Wanting to hook up for a one night stand.

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More and more these days are unsolicited emails coming to my in-box with some beautiful woman who happens to be in my area wanting to hook-up for sex, a one night stand, no strings attached etc. I am sure you are getting them too. Most go straight to my spam folder automatically but many arrive in my inbox. Some even appear to have been sent my someone at my company with my own domain name but a random string of letters and or numbers preceding. I am reluctant to tag them as spam as if I do this too many times my mail spam filter learns over a period of time and may spam something from someone in my company which is legit.

One I received yesterday was using a new tactic or one that I have not seen for some time. Something along the lines of don’t reply to me here as my husband has my password and checks my mail, so just register at this dating site and contact me there at my profile.  Of course using the spammers affiliate link so they get paid for every idiot who signs up on this dating site only to find that this profile doesn’t exist or if it does then is certainly a scammer and of course this beautiful hot big breasted horny woman is not actually in my city of a business trip like she claims. If your jealous husband has your password and checks your mail do you really think it is a good idea to send emails like this?? I hope you deleted this message from your sent items.

Its amusing to read some of these emails sometimes. Sometimes I will sit with a coffee and actually read more than the first line of these obvious scams. Obvious scams to most of us but they only need a very very small percentage of the millions and millions of email addresses that they spam to respond and its well worth their while. Think about it….If it didn’t pay they would have stopped doing it by now wouldn’t they. So they are still making money at this. No doubt not as much as they used to… but maybe even more with older people now having access to the internet for the first time and not knowing about these scams that the rest of us have put up with for years.

Some emails almost seem credible. I am in the fortunate position (or maybe unfortunate) of having several domains and several email addresses, so what could seem plausible if you just got the one email is obviously not as the same or very similar email has come to 5 addresses which I own overnight.

The solution. Never click on any link in an email from someone you don’t know. In fact be wary of clicking on a link sent from someone you do know…and certainly never click on any link to your bank, credit card and anything like that in an email. Always use your regular shortcut, bookmark or type in your bank website as you normally would. If you ‘hover’ with your mouse over one of these links you will more than likely see the true URL or destination it is sending you to… Of course even this can be spoofed, but sometimes its very funny to see what they use. Often the link will have your bank in the url but of course send you off to their lookalike website. Sometimes if I am on hold on the phone I will click one of these links and enter some very rude words and phrases instead of my username and password.

Before you click or respond to anything just step back and think with your head for a minute. Is that 36 year old blonde beauty really interested in a one night stand with a fifty something overweight balding man on welfare and she just loves your profile that she has found online… yeah right. Buyer beware!


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