Why Not to Call Him in the Dating Process

Why Not to Call Him in the Dating Process

So you met a guy and think he might be the next big thing in your life. The only problem is that you just started dating and aren’t sure if you’re jumping into this without thinking. I know you want to call or text your new boy toy, but doing so can send off bad signals to guys.

The strongest signal you will be sending is the idea you are available. You don’t want a guy to think of you as so, do you? Trust me, he won’t think you aren’t interesting in him just because you aren’t calling him. The best thing you can do is be flirty when he calls you. That way you can show a little more interest in him. Be careful not to get more interested than him.

Guys will definitely call you if they are really interested. If you haven’t got a call in a few days from him or not at all, you gotta move on. If you call them at that time, you’ll come off desperate and he’d realize you’d be a good back up for later.

Nowadays it’s all about the beginning of a relationship to determine where it’s going. Texting and calling each other is the predominant tool we use. Remember that guys like to be the one to go after the chase and get the girl. There’s a reason hard to get usually works. It is true that some guys like to feel like the girl really wants him, but it normally does not last since instinct compels him to go after the girl. Let him lead until you have a stable, solid relationship. Until then, let him call you.

Just like phoning, texting should be handled passively. Once he initiates, follow his lead and match his interest. I know we women get frustrated and want to speed it up and call him. The problem is that in doing so, you won’t be able to see how interested he is. Relax. It will benefit yourself and your relationship to know how into you he is without having to pry it out of him.

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