Online Dating Guide for Baby Boomers

Online Dating Guide for Baby Boomers

With the changes in technology dating has changed for singles over the age of 50. Internet dating has taken the world by storm for all ages, however, for the single population of the baby boomer generation the subject of Internet dating and meeting people online may be approached with a bit of apprehension. This is certainly understandable. Online dating is a sign of the times. Enter Internet Dating 101 for boomers.

Web sites for Internet Dating

There are many Web sites created specifically for baby boomers who wish to experience online dating. Before signing up for one of the Internet dating services do the research necessary to ensure you have selected a site that is credible and has some sort of matching process as opposed to hit and miss matching. There are many sites from which to select, however, the sites that use the process of matching algorithms to match individuals based on similarities are quite popular. Another excellent bit of advice before selecting a site is to ask for referrals from friends who have had successful experiences with online dating.

Use Caution

Most online dating sites allow members to sign up for a free, trial period before charging a monthly fee. Select the site or sites with which you choose to sign up with care. For those who do not have a lot of experience with online communities or the Internet in general, the first thing to remember once signed up is to not give out too much personal information. Stranger danger applies for adults just as it does for children. Proceed with an open mind but also with caution. Imagine guiding someone who is endeared to you through online dating and proceed the same way. Online dating can be a fun experience when done with care.

There are a couple of things to remember. It is safer to use a handle rather than to use one’s real name when maneuvering through online communities, particularly those that are online dating communities. Once a comfort zone has been reached in the community and a match has been made, remember to not give out an address or phone number right away. Always exercise care and safety before giving out any personal information. Once it has been agreed upon to speak on the phone with the person met online, give a cell phone number and not a home or business number. Should you agree to meet face-to-face, do so in a public place and be certain a friend or family member knows exactly where you are and why you are meeting the individual. This is not the time to be secretive. Just remember that online, people can be whoever and whatever they want to be. You want to ensure you are meeting a credible person.

Be Open

When approaching online dating particularly for baby boomers, remember most people are starting their lives over. Whether looking for love, companionship or simply a close friend with which to spend time with, do so with an open mind but be smart and foremost safe.

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