Hot Tips for Successful Online Dating

With the help of Internet, the world has got smaller and closer. One can easily make new friends, meet old friends and spread out their dating choices just by sitting at home by the means of Online Dating services. There is a mistaken belief that people indulging into online dating are just scum and desperate people, but in actual fact online dating is an effectual and expedient way to meet up with other singles.

Quite often in the first online meet itself, you often make immediate connection with the other. It appears as if your relation just surges and communication becomes easy and trouble-free. Nonetheless, just like any other relationship, it is imperative to take care of this new maturing relationship so that it nurture and thrives. Never underrate the probability of an online dating relationship for budding into a real committed blending between two people.
So before proceeding for Online Dating, here are some important recommendations for successful Online Dating.

Examine Personal Profile

You must be smart to examine the personal outline of a person you getting interested because not all the participants are actually what they say they are. Some of them are just lynching out and masquerade themselves behind an impressive personal profile. Thus you must take care of your personal information too. Do not reveal any significant information if you are not very sure of the other person whom you are dating.

Keep it simple

Many people have the tendency of writing endless philosophical messages that can turn people off. You must try to keep your conversation short & simple yet effective. The manner of your messages should be light and positive. Even while asking questions, you must keep it simple, so that people get interested in replying back to you.

Add a touch of Humor

Humor is an additional pleasing feature that can ease up any conversation. Having a good sense of humor adds a special touch to the entire conversation. Humor applied with good taste is always tempting and enticing to many. Try making a hilarious comment to lighten up the conversation. It also helps in making the other person comfortable and closer to you.

Be patient

While making conversations, ensure that you are also a fine listener. You must not get annoyed if the other person doesn’t provide you the information that you ask for. Be patient & proceed gradually to share more personal information of the other person. Once you start knowing them better, they would feel free to share their personal information much than before.

Sharing photos

Face is a glimpse of your personal identity. Most of the people ask for your photos while dating online, because they want to know how the person whom they are dating appears!! Share the photos that are recent and in which you appear your real self. Do not share your photos with someone you don’t rely on!!
Online dating is a great opportunity to start making relationships. Keep in mind that each meeting adds to a learning experience in making you more successful. Being positive will certainly lead you a long way in making a lasting relationship!!

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Why Men Fail when Dating Women

Why Men Fail when Dating Women

Imagine being the guy who does not have to worry about dating women anymore. Women are all over you and your cell-phone never stops ringing. You have to verify your agenda because you barely have time for yourself with so many dates on your calendar. But this is just a dream to some men. Some men are just not capable of inspiring that desire into women. But why?

It’s because they are not doing the right approach to women. What’s the right approach? – you ask. Think about this situation…

Case 1:

There’s a beautiful lady in a flower store. The lady is perfect; nice body, cute face and a long well-treated hair. She is taking a close look at some flowers and smelling the nice natural perfume of flowers. A handsome man makes his approach to her… walks by close to her but doesn’t say a word. Just a deep look into her eyes. But she didn’t care; she’s there to buy some flowers.

Case 2:

The same scene as before… This time another handsome man approaches. This man is brave enough and he talks to her. He introduces himself, asks for her name, stares at her studying her beautiful body, talks about her cute smile… now he tells her she’s got a nice blouse and it’s perfectly tight to her body. The woman feels uncomfortable with all these comments that she thinks are inappropriate the very first day they met. So now, she avoids the man and skips out of the conversation.

Did they make the right approach? You bet they did not!

Now case 3:

Same scene… but this time a not-so-good-looking guy approaches to the woman. The problem is you are some distance apart and couldn’t listen to their conversation. But by the looks of it, they are both having a good conversation; they are both smiling, while talking, they are pointing to the flowers and she seems interested in what the guy is talking. He takes a paper out of his pocket and writes down something (could be her number or address). Now, he takes off the flower store…

So, it seems that the not-so-good-looking guy succeeded after all, huh! Two handsome men approached but didn’t have anything to start off with. But this guy wrote down something that may lead to a future date, or more!

Do you identify yourself with the first 2 guys? Then you definitely need to work with your approach to women. You may contact a professional or look over the web to find a good guide that may help with your needs at this matter.

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Third Grade Dating Rules

Third Grade Dating Rules

School Days, Rule Days

School days, school days, dear old golden rule days. Another school year arrives. The first day saw many different forms to fill out, as well as copies of various classroom/cafeteria/playground rules. School children are bombarded by rules – and rightly so. Social etiquette is learned, not inherent.

However, on the second day of school a new set of rules emerged, via my third grade daughter. These are the third grade DATING rules (be still my beating heart!) Here they are, as explained by my eight-year-old daughter.

Rule 1 – No gas, this is strictly verboten. Enough said on this one. Nothing is as unattractive as a petite little dew drop of a girl letting loose with a raucous belch in the cafeteria. Major social demerits. Although this was an approved activity all summer long (she has three older brothers)

Rule 2 – If you share a milk, get 2 straws. Since deadly streptococcal meningitis can easily be spread by sharing drinks, I was glad to hear that this is a rule!

Rule 3 – Boys like nice clothes, so dress well. This one sounds more like a plot to get me to buy more school clothes.

Rule 4 – Don’t talk so much, boys don’t like that. It starts young, apparently.

Rule 5 – Don’t kiss on the first date. This one comes with the addendum that the second date comes when you are 21!

Rule 6 – Don’t drink soda together, it makes you burp. See rule one.

Rule 7 – Don’t ever tell on your boyfriend. These boys have got it going on. They want their women to dress nice, share their milk, don’t talk too much and give them carte blanche to break rules!

Rule 8 – Always brush your teeth before school. My daughter informs me that rule 2 is in case the boys break rule 8.

Rule 9 – Try avoid all stomach gurgles. I like this one. It means my daughter (who eats like a bird) will now eat breakfast, so she doesn’t experience any embarrassing stomach growls.

Rule 10 – No yelling at your boyfriend. Again, the boys at my daughter’s school seem to have it going on.

Rule 11 – Don’t laugh if they get hurt or in trouble. Men and their egos!

Rule 12 – Make sure your nails are painted, boys like that. See rule 3, another plot, I suspect, to get my eight-year-old daughter a manicure/pedicure.

Rule 13 – Wear boots, boys like those. Caveat: we live in Texas, where Urban Cowboy never goes out of style.

There you have it. The 13 rules of third grade dating. When I was in third grade, I was still under the impression that boys had cooties.

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Single-Parent Dating

Single-Parent Dating

Dating could be fairly easy for most of the part, at least for most single women and men out there. But what if one is a single parent, would that change the stakes? Well, according to latest statistics, there are approximately 10.4 million families headed by single mothers and 2.5 million headed by single fathers, in the US alone. So, would these facts make the dating game a lot easier or will it just shrink the dating pool and stiffen the competition?

Getting into the dating game with a kid, or kids for that matter, is a daunting job. It’s frightening not only for the single parent but also for the children. There’s the chance of getting hurt and the challenge of putting it all together with the kids. But these risks don’t mean single parent dating is a bad idea, it could make it more fun.

One of the dilemmas with this is the time to spare. With work, kids, and other stuff in between, any extra time available for other activities, like dating, is somewhat very limited. So, first thing that one should think through is the goal that he/she has in mind. Did he/she want to date for casual encounters to satisfy one’s physical needs, or for the hopes of a genuine and lasting relationship?

If one is in for just plain casual fun with no commitment, or any strings attached whatsoever, then definitely the dating game is so much easier to play. It would have minimal rules and less pressure. The need for serious talks and of course, the basic need to be upfront, are somewhat eliminated. But if one is in for the latter reason, dating should involve a lot of communicating and understanding. The single parent should include the sense of responsibility as one of the requirements in a dating partner. Both partners should be open and consistent with crucial and serious issues like parenting or commitment or settling down. When one is dating personally, these focuses may not be discussed on the first dates but at some point should the incorporated in future conversations. But when one is engaged in online dating, some people recommend having serious matters presented upfront. Just the fact that the dater has kids should be mentioned on the profile. Sure, you wouldn’t want to scare any possible prospects away, but you wouldn’t want to hook up with someone who would run away when they see your kid either. It’s just that for a lot of singles, no matter how amazing the date is, the fact that he/she is a parent is plainly a deal breaker.

And since the main crucial factor are the kids. When you’re a single parent and starting to date prospective partners, you have to think about its effects to the children. Are they ready? Will it be okay for them to see you with a new partner? Can they take a possible second parent? Questions like these could take your dating, or the possible new relationship, to a swift turn or they could be of help to build a stronger foundation.

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Dating and the Single Parent – Keys to Success

Dating and the Single Parent – Keys to Success

The most important factor for single parents to date successfully is for them to know why they are single.

If your reflections of why you are single include “he did this” or “she did that” but have few concessions to personal contributions, you are not ready to date. Even if you are a single parent largely due to the behaviors of another, not recognizing what personal qualities led you to choose your previous partner will most likely lead to a repeat performance.

As a single parent you are now in a position to model to your children (whether you like it or not) how to choose an appropriate mate, how to discern acceptable behaviors and how to graciously remove yourself from a situation that is not reflective of your values, all while maintaining integrity.

Remember your children are children and information should not be hidden from them (less they later hide information from you) but should be disseminated according to their level of emotional maturity.

If your children are internet savvy and the internet is your vehicle for single parent dating, remember to keep your browsing and conversations private. Modeling to your children that an online introduction is a safe precursor to “in person” dating may unwittingly open Pandora’s box.

When “primping” for your date keep in mind to use “appropriate bait for what you are trying to catch”. Children will pick up on your technique and utilize it later, either by imitation or bringing it home.

“Single Parent” is a misleading catch phrase, the winning equation is to prioritize your life as a “parent whom happens to be single” not a “single person whom happens to be a parent.”

Time is a luxury to parents whether they be single or married and dating takes time. Use your time wisely making a list of what you are looking for, include 3 “must have’s” and 3 “deal breakers”. Don’t waver due to physical attraction. Remember the “hot factor” fades but a propensity towards a particular behavior remains.

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