Recession Dating Tips

Recession Dating Tips

Dating during a recession can be a very challenging thing to do for a lot of hard working Americans, but it can be done. In this article I will discuss what restaurant to eat at during a recession and what fun activity you can do to end the night. Before, I begin this article I would like to say that I am living proof of doing these couple dating tips and I have saved a lot of money doing this.

When going on dates during this recession I would suggest you going to Chili’s Restaurant, because at Chili’s you can really save money on two people eating out. I recently went out to Chili’s Restaurant and I was billed only twenty-one dollars for two people, and in that dessert was not included. But, who needs dessert when the food at Chili’s really gets you full with their big plates of fresh fries and other very good to eat foods. The price compared to other restaurants is very inexpensive and the food is great. I would really suggest you daters out there to take your date to Chili’s and you will not regret it.

After eating out at Chili’s you can take your date to the movies, and if you go before six in the afternoon the movie tickets are lmuch cheaper. The normal price for tickets is way higher per ticket after eight in the afternoon, and thats what I paid for my tickets when I went recently to watch a movie with my date. The good thing about going to the movie is that the movie ends like at midnight so that hardly leaves any time to go to any club or other places that cost money. Watching a movie at the movies is really exciting and fun to do, it also elevates the spending of extra money that we don’t have.

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