Single-Parent Dating

Single-Parent Dating

Dating could be fairly easy for most of the part, at least for most single women and men out there. But what if one is a single parent, would that change the stakes? Well, according to latest statistics, there are approximately 10.4 million families headed by single mothers and 2.5 million headed by single fathers, in the US alone. So, would these facts make the dating game a lot easier or will it just shrink the dating pool and stiffen the competition?

Getting into the dating game with a kid, or kids for that matter, is a daunting job. It’s frightening not only for the single parent but also for the children. There’s the chance of getting hurt and the challenge of putting it all together with the kids. But these risks don’t mean single parent dating is a bad idea, it could make it more fun.

One of the dilemmas with this is the time to spare. With work, kids, and other stuff in between, any extra time available for other activities, like dating, is somewhat very limited. So, first thing that one should think through is the goal that he/she has in mind. Did he/she want to date for casual encounters to satisfy one’s physical needs, or for the hopes of a genuine and lasting relationship?

If one is in for just plain casual fun with no commitment, or any strings attached whatsoever, then definitely the dating game is so much easier to play. It would have minimal rules and less pressure. The need for serious talks and of course, the basic need to be upfront, are somewhat eliminated. But if one is in for the latter reason, dating should involve a lot of communicating and understanding. The single parent should include the sense of responsibility as one of the requirements in a dating partner. Both partners should be open and consistent with crucial and serious issues like parenting or commitment or settling down. When one is dating personally, these focuses may not be discussed on the first dates but at some point should the incorporated in future conversations. But when one is engaged in online dating, some people recommend having serious matters presented upfront. Just the fact that the dater has kids should be mentioned on the profile. Sure, you wouldn’t want to scare any possible prospects away, but you wouldn’t want to hook up with someone who would run away when they see your kid either. It’s just that for a lot of singles, no matter how amazing the date is, the fact that he/she is a parent is plainly a deal breaker.

And since the main crucial factor are the kids. When you’re a single parent and starting to date prospective partners, you have to think about its effects to the children. Are they ready? Will it be okay for them to see you with a new partner? Can they take a possible second parent? Questions like these could take your dating, or the possible new relationship, to a swift turn or they could be of help to build a stronger foundation.

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