Speed dating- what not to do.

So yesterday we discussed what speed dating was and how it worked. Today we will concentrate on how to make speed dating work for you.

Just to refresh, remember as always, just like with your first date, to shower shave, wash and comb your hair, brush your teeth, use deodorant, clean your shoes if necessary and use mouth-wash. Also cut your nails. Woman notice these especially. We males don’t until we break one or they start to hurt or you only notice them because of grime, grease or oil from the car. Cut them now and short. For those who are older then also trim the nose and ear hair. Don’t risk it with sharp scissors in these places, you can buy a very inexpensive trimmer for a few dollars that will do the trick quickly and safely, battery operated. Dress smartly but not a suit.

OK, so now all that is out of the way, the actual speed date. You only have 15-20 seconds to make a first impression. Make the most of it. Smile. Smiling always works. Try and be confident but not too much. Don’t come across as shy. Its OK to be nervous and you can even open with that. “Are you as nervous as I am…you sure don’t look it” or whatever variation depending on how she actually looks or acts.

At speed dating you only have 2 minutes to impress her so don’t waste it. Try and find something in common. Ask her what she does and act interested in her answers. Don’t dominate the conversation but don’t let her either. Not sure what to ask or how to start? then ask her to go first. Its polite and then you don’t have to think of anything to say but just respond to her questions about you and take the lead form there. If she asks what you do, then reply briefly and then “what about you?” If you work for the IRS then best to steer away from that until she knows you better.

If you are interested in her then you need to make her want to tick you, so try and sound interesting. Be up-beat and the type of guy that would be fun to be around, not someone who is depressed with life and only came tonight because nothing else has worked and you were thinking of killing yourself.

Don’t mention your ex, EVER, no smut or sex talk and give religion or politics a miss. Talk only of positive things.

If you are not interested in her then its only 2 minutes of your life you will never get back so be polite and nice and look and seem interested. It will make her day and will give you a boost when you get your card back that 8 out of the 10 woman there that night ticked your number. And remember there is a very good chance that she went with a friend and what do women do? yup they discuss you with each other. So this one who you don’t fancy could very well be the best friend of the one you do and you just blew your chance by showing yourself up as a real jerk when they compare notes later and she decides she has changed her mind about you after all when you call to ask her out on a real date. Also why not make their night? Its only two minutes. We can all be nice for 2 minutes surely. Its soon over and you have to meet the hottest lady in the room soon.

Remember the hottest girl in the room has all the men’s attention so you have to compete with all of them. Looks aren’t everything remember and you have a chance to show your wit and charm in those two minutes, whereas the dumb good looking guy will soon come across as such.

So speed dating is an excellent way to meet ten new single woman in just one evening. Do not dismiss it as they must be desperate to go to such an event. Many woman just haven’t found the right man yet in their circle of friends. And more importantly there will be some there that do very well, but have only come tonight to support their single friend, so she didn’t have to come alone. You may be well surprised at the quality of potential partners at these events.

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