Tips for Christian Dating

Tips for Christian Dating

Dating and religion can be difficult when mixed in modern society. There are people of many different faiths and values in this world. The one thing we have in common is that everybody is looking for companionship and love. Before you begin dating you must decide what those values mean for you and your relationship with god.

Even people you share your same beliefs in god and the bible often have different levels of devotion. You may find yourself unable to judge whether a person is a good companion for you because of this. The simple solution is not to rush into dating a person. First become friends with them and work to build a relationship based on honesty and open discussion. You will find out a lot about a person through friendship.

Decide on the level of devotion you are willing to abide by. Read the bible and study scripture relating to courtship and morality. As an adult, it is much harder to find a relationship where both parties have remained pure. This is one determining factor when choosing a partner. If a partner has been impure in the past are you willing to forgive them if they’ve repented and asked forgiveness of god? If the answer is yes, then move forward. If the answer is no, begin your search for a new companion.

There are many ways to meet people who share your values. One way is through church. Befriend people from your congregation. They are more likely to understand your values and the importance of your relationship with god. They can likely introduce you to single friends who share the same feelings as you. You may also meet your potential partner directly through church. Get involved with church functions and socialize with everyone. You never know when god may send you the person you are looking for.

Friends and family can also help you find the person you are looking for. Be sure to explain to them the importance that this person shares your values. Often times, different beliefs can lead to unwanted pressure when dating. You must trust your feelings and not give into pressure from a partner. It is best to avoid someone who does not respect your religious beliefs in the first place.

The Internet offers dating sites tailored to those of the Christian faith. Many couples have married and had success with sites such as these. Some of which are, and All of these sites offer a place for you to meet and bond with like-minded Christians. Always be sure to get to know somebody before meeting. Internet dating sites are great ways to meet other singles, but some may not always be honest.

Once you’ve found an individual to invest in, it is time to maintain a relationship alongside of your values. During the courtship phase you want to pray for guidance to keep your values intact. Keep faith that not giving into lust will lead to a healthy and happy marriage. If you find yourself tempted speak to a church official and work together to strengthen your relationship with god. Be sure to get to know the friends and family of your partner. They will provide insight and help strengthen the bond you share.

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