Tips for your new Ukrainian online dating profile

So, you recently registered on an online dating site, but the list of beautiful ladies lining up to contact you is a little short…none in fact. What have you done wrong?
Here are a few tips you could follow to be more successful in your new venture to find online love.

Naturally, the  most important things in your dating profile are your pictures and personal information. Please try and use only professional photos if you can afford it.

Invest your time and let a professional photographer show you off in your best possible light.

Dress nicely, smart casual or a suit if you own one. Maybe invest in a new shirt and borrow a smart looking jacket for your shoot.

Never use amateur pictures or pictures in a group of people. You shouldn’t also use selfies or especially pictures taken in the mirror.

Without a little forethought and some nice photos,  you can waste a lot of time sending messages without response.
Ukrainian girls are very picky about clothing.They prefer high heels and a dress instead of jeans and sneakers so naturally they would also prefer a classy man.

The other most important thing is profile description.

Please use your correct information like your real birth date and your real economical situation.

If you are really 65 next birthday  you have to mention this. Communication which begin with a lie can only have a bad outcome. Think about it…the aim is to meet up eventually and get married, right? so why waste weeks and weeks of corresponding with whom she believes is a man 15 years younger, only to have her walk out when you do finally meet up.

There are lot of Ukrainian families with a big age difference (10-15 years) so do not worry too much about putting your real age in your profile, but of course be a little realistic at the age of the woman your are trying to capture attention from.

Don’t write a lot about what kind lady you are looking for (smart, educated, from a good family, kind, lovely , generous , beautiful , sexy, open mind, family oriented , good soul , good heart ) You are better to write what can you do for your lady, how you can make her happy, and your qualities. You need to appear desirable for someone looking for a new life in another country.

If you are writing to someone it means that you already like her via photo. You can get more information about character and what you want to know about her through this correspondence.

Think of your profile as bait you would use for fishing. It needs to be attractive to get a nibble. You can reel her in once she stops to take a look. Without a good profile you will never attract anything except scammers… and there are plenty of those. See our other posts on how to spot the scammers early.

If you have a face book account, your pictures and details there should match the pictures and information on your online dating profile,otherwise it can create suspicion.

Good luck out there. Spend a little time and effort and maybe money to create a great first impression, then the rest is up to you.

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