Some Tips for Lesbians Interested in Online Dating

Some Tips for Lesbians Interested in Online Dating

Finding a good girl is hard these days – and if you’re not into the bar scene, or hate spending the money on drinks, it can be even harder. A lot of women simply give up hope that they might ever find something they connect with on a deeper lever.

In fact, many lesbians never think to look online for the chance at love; they’ve never seen any other site than perhaps MySpace, which is a social networking site and certainly doesn’t quality for a dating site of any kind. But why would you not look to dating sites – there are certainly women on there!

The truth is, there are a lot of lesbian singles on sites like, Yahoo! Personals, Adultfriendfinder and, and you have great odds at finding someone special, or at least finding some fun.

Online Dating Tips for Lesbian Singles

Don’t Go Corny

When you find a profile you like, that matches your interests, your first reaction is to send that girl a message, which is great. But far too many fall into the trap of thinking that a corny message is sweet.

There’s nothing wrong with being and sounding corny, especially if it’s your personality and style. But most are turned off of that when they first meet you online, and it can come out very wrong when you talk online – which isn’t what you want.

Instead, a nice, gentle compliment that’s honest and true will go farther… keep the corny for later, and you’ll find you’re getting a lot more responses.

Sarcastic Doesn’t Always Translate Well to Paper

Being sarcastic isn’t a bad thing – not by a long shot. But it doesn’t always translate well through a message, and you can come off as crude, abrasive, and even annoying… none of which you want to sound!

Use your sarcastic tone wisely and carefully, and make sure it’s very clear that you’re being sarcastic, not mean. If you’re not sure how you’re going to come off, don’t send it and risk ruining your chances. Some girls are more sensitive than you might think, after all.

Don’t Assume Anything

If you find someone who sounds special and right for you, you might want to enter into a relationship – which is awesome, and the goal of looking for a fun date online. But don’t make assumptions about how your relationship is going to work.

One of the biggest causes of relationship failure is lack of communication, and assuming things certainly constitutes that. Make sure your relationship terms are up front and you both are clear on your boundaries. This can avoid serious hassle, and even steer clear of a relationship ending before its time.


Be safe, be careful, and have fun; it’s what dating is all about. Remember to beware of going into something with expectations, and know that the internet is a tool, not a miracle.

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