The Top 10 Dating Mistakes Men Make And How To Avoid Them

1.Letting her organise the first date. You choose the place time and day of the date. You might think it is nice to let her choose, but rather than her seeing you as being nice you will come across as a whimp. Women whether they like to admit it or not want the guy to be in control. Don’t tell her what you are doing either. Women love surprises.

2. Not doing your homework. Check her out, using Facebook, her friends, or even through subtle conversation with her. You don’t want to take her to your favorite steakhouse if she is a vegan. If you do muck up. Its OK. Have a laugh, admit you screwed up and suggest that she had better pick the next date…At least you get a second date this way, and who knows she might have even enjoyed it anyway, with doing something out of her comfort zone, or something new.

3. Not dressing appropriately. All us guys like to dress casually, but first impressions do count. You want to show her that you have at least gone to a little trouble and that she is worth it. Plenty of time after the first few dates to slip to your normal self…But you have got to make sure you get another date. She will spend hours fussing over what to wear, the least you could do is make a little effort. Smart casual- you don’t need to buy anything special.

4. Checking your phone while on a date. In a word don’t! Turn your phone to silent or better still, turn it off. If you can’t live without it check your messages while going to the toilet or while she is powdering her nose. Don’t under any circumstances text, answer calls or check your phone in front of her. It tells her she is not important. If you really do have a sick mother who could kick the bucket at any moment, then just be up front right at the beginning…She will still think you are lying anyway about that, but at least she won’t feel second best. Even better you can make a point of turning your phone off in front of her right at the start and mentioning the fact.

5. Monopolizing the conversation. Women like to talk. Its a fact. And they are better at it than us. Don’t run the conversation. You should be listening more than talking. Obviously you want to say more than just yes and no and nodding your head to show that you are not bored (even though you really are), but keep it short. Generally they will take the lead anyway and if not then either she is really shy or just not that in to you. Asking questions will get her to open up and keep the conversation flowing if it is not naturally.

6. Talking about your ex. Do I really even have to mention this. But, we still do it. This is a no no and should be number one on this list, but these are in no particular order. Just don’t. Resist all temptation to even mention a past relationship and if asked certainly don’t run an ex down. A simple ” it wasn’t going to work’ or something and move the conversation on. I have seen it quoted and believe it is true, if you talk about your ex on a date you are not over them and are certainly not ready to be dating yet.

7. Letting her pay. She may offer, or may offer to pay half, but the offer may be only out of politeness. Don’t accept. If she is insistent and appears to genuinely mean it, then you can suggest she pays for the next date. This way you are at least checking to see whether a second date with her is a possibility.

8. Not kissing her when saying goodbye. Always give her a kiss on the cheek at least. Even a little more if the signs are there, but always a quick peck on the cheek to let her know you care, and maybe linger cheek to cheek a little. If she wants more she will let you know and take the initiative, but this tells her you are at least interested in her.

9. Sex on the first date. Every guys dream, but if this girl is going to be more than a one night stand then resist the urge. Leave them hanging and wanting more. The exception of course if you only want a one night stand.

10. Leaving it too long to call her again. With today’s modern technology the old rules do not apply. You don’t want to appear too keen, but also in these days of instant gratification you don’t want to leave it days or a week. The jury is out on how long is appropriate nowadays so just go with your gut feeling. There is nothing wrong with a txt after saying what a great time you had if indeed you did. If you don’t want another date with this woman, then a vague txt the following day mentioning that ‘we should do this again sometime’ will let her down gently without spelling it out that it ain’t gonna happen.

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  1. wendy says:

    sometimes we want to hear about your ex girlfriend or wife, but only if we ask. don not volunteer the information and ffs don’t talk about your ex all the time!

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