Top 7 Dating Mistakes Guys Make

Top 7 Dating Mistakes Guys Make

Avoid These and You Will Go a Long Way to Keeping Your Girl

Here are some of the common mistakes guys make that end up leaving them alone and out on the streets again.

  1. Falling in standards: When trying to impress the girl, guys look after every minute detail in order to make themselves impressive and perfect, but after they have won the heart of the girl, they let it all go and go back to their sloppy ways.
  2. Playing a role: When trying to woo the girl, men sometimes act in different ways hoping that’s what the girl wants and make the girl believe that that is what they are always. However, when the girl realizes that all that was just a pretense, the man just doesn’t match up to the woman’s expectations.
  3. Holding on to what is gone by: The reason we have tenses is to describe what has gone past by us as “the past”. Some men just cannot let a girl forget what she has done and they keep thinking about it and hurting the girl in the process. That is how they end up losing the girl, for the girl thinks of this as a sign of weakness. For if a guy cannot move on, he cannot move at all, according to women.
  4. Getting too serious: Sometimes a guy falls in love on the first day, asks out the girl on a date the second day, and proposes marriage on the third day, and then wonder why the girl did not accept. A relationship is about trust and commitment and a girl cannot make such a big decision in so short a time. Give her some time, and you will not be sorry.
  5. Playing games: Sometimes once a guy asks out a girl on a date, and the girl accepts, the guy wastes too much playing the old games. Waiting for a few days before he can call, waiting for her to return the call, waiting for this and that and so on. That is when the girl gets bored and finds someone who is more interesting.
  6. Lack of Attention: If a guy spends all night trying to get the girl’s attention and then tries to act indifferent, just so that the girl does not think that he is desperate; it is just a colossal waste of time. A girl is going to get pissed off when she gives you a chance to impress her, and then finds that you are trying to show off in front of her. In the end, such guys end up watching while the girl moves on with the next guy who cared enough to give her the attention she deserves.
  7. Overdoing it: It is a common belief that a guy always has to dote on the girl and has to keep doing stuff she likes and keep proving his love for her often. But some guys just overdo it. They shower so much of stuff on the girl, that the girl gets smothered after a point. Things have changed; times have changed. And these days, all a girl wants is for the guy to treat her as a real human being rather than as a doll or a pet which needs to be fed.

These are just some of the many mistakes men do. But it is also apt to say that behind every successful man, there are a lot of failure stories. People learn from their mistakes and move on with their life. What is important is that they do not repeat the same mistake again.

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