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Well things are sure kicking off again in Ukraine. Just when we all thought there might be a ceasefire again, MH17 was brought down and at the time of writing it is still unclear how. One thing we know from the wreckage is that it was fired upon and brought down either from some sort of ground to air or air to air missile. While our hearts go out to all those touched by this tragedy, life must go on for the rest of us.

Should you still visit Ukraine to find your beautiful new wife? Once again our advice would be if you can postpone your trip without losing your deposit or what you have paid your travel agent then you probably should do so right now. Note that most, if not all, travel insurance policies do not cover acts of civil war, terrorism etc. in their fine print so do not expect to be able to claim even if you have  comprehensive travel insurance cover. We would of course strongly suggest you avoid flying in or out of Donetsk airport for sure at this time. If you can delay your trip then we would suggest you do so. One of our staff was a just three hours drive from Donetsk for a month, leaving a few days before the attack on Donetsk airport and reported that if you didn’t watch the news from western sources you would not even know that there were any problems at all until he had to pass through checkpoints starting from the outskirts of the city he was in. There was no sign of trouble anywhere in the whole month in the city he was in, apart from a couple of street protests, which you see in any city from time to time for whatever reason, protesting for more pay, better health care, or Uber taxis. He realised after some time that there were not the usual fireworks celebrations and live bands playing in the city park every weekend like there was when they were there at the same time last year, but otherwise business as usual..workers mowing the grass, tending the parks, painting lines on the road, new signage being put up on new shops, people eating at outdoor cafes now that it was getting warmer and having a great time.If you didn’t have a TV you would have not known that there was any unrest just a few hours drive away.

One the plus side there is no better time than the present to start looking for your beautiful Ukraine bride. Young, beautiful Ukrainian women will be even keener to look at moving and living in a foreign country. As we previously have mentioned life for them has been pretty good nowadays and they were not looking at leaving at any cost as they were many years ago when part of the USSR. Now, especially those with a young child will be keener than ever to get out and won’t be so particular on their choice of a suitable mate if you know what we mean.

So, yes there is no better time than the present to start looking for a gorgeous younger Ukrainian woman. Google and then contact an agency near you and start corresponding with one or two now, or just try any of the free sites around. Of course be wary of these free sites where the girls have not been personally vetted. You could well end up corresponding and falling in love with a fake profile who is actually a guy even uglier than you. We have covered all this in earlier posts so check back if you haven’t been following our weekly updates.

Go for it. Your chances are now much better than they were. No time like the present as they say.

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