Ukraine Crisis Update- Is it still OK to Look for My Ukraine Bride

At this time of writing, Early June 2014, the crisis is certainly escalating in Ukraine- well at least the eastern parts around Donetsk. Everything seems to have settled down in Crimea and  Odessa in the south on the Black Sea and apart from the old currency no longer being legal tender in Crimea as of June 1st its almost business as usual. So should you delay your travel to find a beautiful Ukraine bride?

I would recommend not travelling to Ukraine at the moment unless you have already booked and paid for your tickets. Most, and I suspect all, travel insurance, even if you have comprehensive cover will not cover for civil war or the threat of civil war, war, acts of terrorism etc… read the fine print. If you can change your tickets or delay your trip then I would certainly recommend that. However if you already have tickets or have paid then it is not as bad as it appears from the media who’s viewer or readership depends on drama…’Good news doesn’t sell papers’, and you will be perfectly safe in all but the well known trouble spots.

I have just come back and you wouldn’t know anything was going on if you didn’t watch the news in most of the country, except that there was not the usual fireworks and free bands playing every night in the city as there was the same time last year. They have stopped public gatherings but everything in all but the trouble areas is otherwise pretty much business as usual. New shops are opening, the parks are being tended, they are remarking the lines on the roads all as usual as they were all doing this time last year, people are shopping at the malls and eating out and everything is pretty much normal… However, you will have trouble at some ATM’S drawing more cash out that usual. This time last year your could get 2,000 Hryvnia from any ATM at a time. This time it was limited to 1,000 and as low as 500 in Donetsk. However there was nothing to stop you inserting your card again and doing another transaction. I don’t know the actual limit but I did 5 in a row one after the other no problem on the same ATM so its not really a problem, and if you want more there are so many different banks ATM’s in every street.

The good news… Life in Ukraine for a pretty woman is nothing like it was 20 years ago when many would do anything to get out. Life has been pretty good there, but now with all this unrest many will be once again keen to look at life in another country with a foreign man, so the choice of beautiful women will be even greater than it has been. So just hang in there a bit longer. Now is a good time to make contact and correspond and get to know your new potential bride or to save up for your trip. It will never be easier than now to find a stunning Ukraine bride 10-15 years younger than you who will settle for your below-average looks and non-millionaire lifestyle to start a fresh life in a safer country than present day Ukraine.

There are so many stunning women in this country of 45 million people, there is one for you, you just need to go after it.

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