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adult datingSo you have been looking into this. Is it a scam or not. Just Google it and there are such a range of opinions. Of course most people only post when they have a bad experience. How many of us take the time to write when we have a good one? Also many men don’t like it to be known that they bought a bride. Sure some don’t mind and love the attention and will even go on TV to be interviewed on their experience. And why not for some? You too might want to show off your new stunning trophy wife to the world.

There is no doubt about it. Ukrainian woman are the most beautiful women in the world. Absolutely stunning. I couldn’t believe the first time I went there. They all take pride in their appearance and dress very nicely and heels when going to town…even in the snow and ice. You can tell the tourists a mile off. They are the ones staring or turning their heads to follow every second woman walking down the street, while the Ukrainian men seem immune to this beauty all around them and more interested in Vodka it seems.

Many or most Ukrainian woman seem oblivious to how beautiful they are. They are just going about their everyday shopping or business, or just having a coffee and not realizing that almost every foreigner has just fallen in love with them at first site. I was at MacDonalds, yes they have MacDonald’s in the Ukraine and very popular with the younger generation, but expensive by their standards, sitting outside with 2 women at the table opposite sitting totally engrossed in their conversation. They were both tens. Absolutely stunning. Jet black hair and beautiful tanned skin although it was still just early spring. Like many Europeans they tan so easily and quickly. Anyway they were just stunning, just like models Photoshopped out of a magazine. Totally oblivious to how stunning they were. No one but me seeming to notice. If only I was ten years younger. They are everywhere.

There are so many beautiful woman in Ukraine everywhere. That fact is undeniable. You would not be disappointed on a bus tour to find a bride. However there are well known scam tactics and the use of models, hookers, married women, students after a free meal and a free night out, etc, all used, paid or incentivised to increase the numbers. Many of the woman you will meet are not available and not looking for a ticket out of the country. Some are hookers and see every westerner as loaded and an easy target. And why not. Us mere men melt at their beauty and stop thinking with our brain at having a scantily clad stunning beauty seeming to take an interest in us. These tours sometimes have well over a hundred women at these functions many of whom are half our age seeming to be interested in us no matter how ugly and fat or unpopular with woman we are in our home town. It does wonders for your ego that is for sure and rational thought immediately goes out the window.

However, these women are no looking to get out of their country at any cost. Sure some years ago that was the case, but no longer. There are still many genuine ones though that want to move and start life in another country, but a beautiful woman can live very nicely here. There are a lot of men with a lot of money and they can have a great life at home, but there still for now at least are not enough of them. Most younger men are not interested in settling down. They just want to have fun, drink, casual sex, but nothing serious, and certainly not to settle down. This is a common complaint from Ukrainian woman and they are sick of it and want to find a half decent man who doesn’t prefer to drink himself into oblivion and to treat a lady with a little bit of respect.

Are bus tours worthwhile? Yes certainly, but be aware that not everything on offer is what it seems. Great to get a taste of what there is on your first visit, but don’t have high hopes of finding the wife of your dreams on one of these tours the first time around. Maybe use a smaller local agency who specialises in Ukrainian brides or now you have experience the culture, just travel back on your own (you still need a Visa) and live there for a while. Very easy to meet real girls at cafes and clubs.

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2 Responses to Ukrainian Bride Bus Tours

  1. max says:

    I can not wait to visit Ukraine. Such beautiful women. Some say the most beautiful in the whole world. I think they are right.

  2. Terra says:

    Ukrainian womens are the most beautiful. Go there. you will not regret

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